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Curriculums and workshops in novel writing, screenplay, short stories and poetry, taught by professional authors. University of Edinburgh's internationally acclaimed Creative Writing Program offers the ideal opportunity to focus on yourself. Creative Writers Club (Edinburgh, United Kingdom) The Edinburgh Creative Writers Club is a two week-long meeting: one group gets together every Monday at 7 pm, the other every Sunday at 3 pm. The majority of us have something to book, and the scope, theme and styles are great. Everybody is welcome, and there's no reason to browse if you don't want to.

But if you want to study, please do not take more than 2000 words, two lines, and 5-10 prints. Everyone is supposed to buy something from the bar/café to make sure that we continue to be welcome at the event locations as they are provided free of cost. You will be asked to quit the group if you do not do this consistently.

If you do not attend three sessions without prior notice, your subscription will be cancelled for twelve month after which you may reapply. In the interests of the convenience and well-being of all, participation in the sessions is limited to members and visitors, all of whom should have registered, except at the sole discretion of their hosts.

New members over 18 years of age are welcome, but it should be noted that the continuation of a new member's participation is subject to the consent of the organizer. It is our goal to have a group of members who adhere to an ethic of positive feed-back and reciprocal assistance, and this is what further memberships determine for new members.

Application for membership: Please give a recognisable photo of yourself and an answer to the question: "What do I want to send?

Writing creatively

We are a beautiful rooftop studios on the top level of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, in the West End of Edinburgh. Click below to view our next classes and work-shops. SUNDAY, June 17, 2018: Come to our Writing Your Novel Group. In this 1-day work shop you will learn how to turn your ideas into a novel.

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