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Town, University of London All that really counts in your job interview is your writing pattern. Lettering samples should not exceed 5,000 words, but it does not have to be as long as it depends on the print qualitiy and not on the number. We are looking for authors who are interested in the force of words, who revel in the pleasure of writing and everything that can be done through the words.

You will not even consider a script with any linguistic errors and so your knowledge of German must be impeccable, and this is made clear by your written pattern. A preparatory course in one of the following languages. It is necessary to (1) submit a written application (with your own declaration ) and (2) indicate whether you are interested in our Literature or Crime Thriller Trail.

We will ask you for an introductory personal or Skype based meeting if we are enthusiastic about your writing pattern. We' ll ask you to speak about your writing and your readings so that we can appreciate your work.

Instructions in English and Creative Writing

Completion of five mandatory modules: Completion of a mandatory module: There may be variations from year to year, but there are also current examples: Completing an obligatory creative writing module: They also select from the entire offer of the department (worth a value of 90 votes). There is also a revolution of 15 credit units with a maturity.

There may be variations from year to year, but there are also current examples: The program is mainly based on regular study - a mix of presentations, courses and work-shops. You will be evaluated with different methodologies according to your choice of modul. Understudy Honors Degree consists of 360 glories - 120 at level 4, 120 at level 5 and 120 at level 6.

When you are a full-time graduate, you will usually take Level 4 in the first year, Level 5 in the second year and Level 6 in the second year. One default modul is 30 points. A number of programs also include 15 credit half-modules or may consist of higher-value parts, such as a Ph. D. thesis or a major project.

Because of research efforts of the employees, please be aware that not all of these are available every year.

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