Creative Writing Courses Norwich

Norwich Creative Writing Courses

Unthank School of Writing is now accepting applications for creative writing evenings in Norwich. Courses for creative writing - UEA Emma Healey's first novel has been released in general acclaim since graduating with an MA in Creative Writing (Prose Fiction) and she has travelled the globe to publicize her work. It was when she was preparing for the start of her second novel Whistle In The Dark that we catched up with Emma. There are a number of courses (including MA in Creative Writing), from Undgraduate to post-graduate and PhD.

In cooperation with the Writers' Centre Norwich we also provide on-line studies.


You may have always wanted to be a writer, but you never knew where to begin. Or maybe you're going back to the novel you hid in a box and tried to overlook. Or, maybe you've been writing on your own for a while and could use some useful input and straightforward comment.

We are an impartial academy that provides the breadth and excellence of a college course at a small percentage of the costs. We have a creative writing program that provides a variety of inexpensive, approachable writing studios suitable both for beginners who want to join a creative writing group and for seasoned authors working on this work.

We offer both night courses and on-line courses that can be adapted to your full calendar, as well as tastings and creative writing sessions where writing groups can exchange and debate their work in a sociable and enjoyable environment. There are longer courses for authors of novels and an on-line course specialising in historic literature.

We offer courses in screenplay and screenplay in the form of courses in the form of seminars for beginners and experts, as well as an on-line course for screenwriters. If you want to do what you want to do with your writing, we can help you to accomplish it, be it to make a big hit, to finish a commercially successful episode, to create an episode of a soapsoper as part of a team or to write a novel, whether it' s a novel or an extraordinary novel.

The first thing we always do is find out what you want to do. There is no other art calendar than for you to reach your goals and take pleasure in writing and spending your free times with us. It is a way of living and a state of thought.

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