Creative Writing Courses Montreal

Montreal Creative Writing Courses

IS A SENSUAL APPROACH TO CREATIVE WRITING. Want to improve your creative writing skills? Université de Montréal offers a bachelor's degree in screenwriting and creative writing. I trained in composition and theory at Bard College.

Composite Writing (BA)

One of the first of its kind in Canada, our creative writing programme will immerse you in every facet of writing, from developing an idea to publishing a work. If you are a creative writing learner, you will gain an understanding of writing from a writer's perspective while developing your own writing under the supervision of publishers and schoolmates.

Montreal's lively and lively Anglophone lit eratura provides a window to the work of students and publishers. Capabilities gained in our Creative Writing programme can help you to get ready for a career as an author, journalist or publishing house in printed or electronical world. HONOURS in Englsih and Creative Writing is a gate to the studies of writing or further studies of creative writing.

Coworking - Centre for Training & Development

Did you sit at home and write it yourself? A creative writing workshops will present important writing techniques, tutorials and supporting crucial feedbacks to help new authors build trust in their styles and voices as they refine and work on their work. Classes consist of discussion, practice and criticism. Our goal is to create a supporting environment in which attendance is promoted and facilitated.

Be it poems, feature films or creative non-fiction, this course offers you the possibility to learn the fundamentals and to create an ingenious and rewarding work. We' ll also examine the writing and publication processes to help you move forward. Lesson times are split into discussion, writing practice and criticising and working on the work of the participants, so participants must take an active part.

Featured lectures are part of our discussions (short histories, verses, essays on writing). By the end of the course, all students must have at least one fictional or two or three poetries written and criticized by their peers. No. The students are not allowed to do so. Issues for debate will be:

Please note: The classes are invited to take part in a pubic lecture / presentation of the work.

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