Creative Writing Courses Melbourne

Melbourne Creative Writing Courses

In Melbourne, RMIT offers a wide range of short courses for professional writing and short courses for creative writing. A creative writing course ideal if you want to write fiction, short stories and novels. Masters of Creative Writing, Editing and Editing - Graduate School for Humanities and Social Sciences

The Master of Creative Writing, Publication and Edition enables you to acquire a worldwide recognized, professionally sustainable qualifications that takes into account the changes in the printing world. The programme has a hands-on emphasis that aims to expand your skills and know-how in a wide range of writing, publication and editorial skills, as well as in writing, fictional and non-fiction writing, printing, book and magazine writing and writing for young people.

Aimed at those who are currently working in the creative writing, editorial and editorial industries or who have recently graduated. These qualifications are for you if you want to establish your own written, editorial and journalistic skills in your own research, your own ideas, or if you want to gain a profound understanding of the economic impulses of the worldwide printing world.

After completing the Master of Creative Writing, Editing and Editing you will be prepared to work in the following professions: They have also worked in publishers and institutions:

Begin of creative writing - CAE

An entertaining and educational course for those interested in writing who are not sure how to get going. You will speak to like-minded individuals, hold workshops and perform drills in a relaxing and motivating setting to gain self-confidence and the capacity to speak through words. The course focuses on general writing without concentrating on a particular category.

These abilities can then be used on a variety of genres, from poems and shorts to storytelling, and have a lot of time. Every grade contains workshops, tutorials and home tasks designed to develop each student's writing technique. Everyone who is interested in creative writing - especially those who are not sure whether they follow a certain stylistic or a certain gender.

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