Creative Writing Courses Manchester Evening

Manchester Evening Creative Writing Courses

Judi's creative writing courses are unconventional, inspiring and entertaining. It believes that everyone can write powerfully and creatively. Career Development & Short Courses - Manchester Metropolitan University In addition to our full-time and part-time courses, the Department of English provides a number of individual courses. If you are interested in taking a biting graduate course, or if you are interested and open-minded enough to broaden your understanding and abilities, our courses are ideal for you.

Students who wish to advance to a Master's degree can submit an application to take part in our MFA/MA in Creative Writing or MA in English Studies. Part of the Manchester Centre for Gothic Studies, our The Gothic courses provide a range of programs on Gothic copy.

Workshop - Individual modules

You will have the possibility to create your creative writing in a supporting and caring milieu. You will ask big quizzes about yourself and your writing: Why are you writing? Usually a 2:1 honorary diploma in English, Creative Writing or a related art discipline is called for. Once the students have passed all exams, they can complete their Ph.

Applicants who do not have formal/traditional admission requirements but have appropriate expertise or the skills to successfully complete the course are welcome. You can use the Applicable Linguistic Licence (APL) procedure to get started with courses or to allow you to make exceptions to parts of your course. IELTS with a total of 6.5 (no single volume less than 5.5) or an equally recognised Secure English Language Test.

This course also serves as an introductory course to further creative studies at doctoral student and Ph. Creativity work will be presented to the group and the teacher two working nights before the week. Everybody is required to prepare in detail for the work shops, which includes studying and commenting on the creative work. Creative work (e.g. 6,000 words, approx. 20 verses, a 1-hour screenplay or an equal work in hybride or cross-genre form) to the value of 80% of the brand and a 1,000 words text to the value of 20% of the brand.

Former alumni have taken part in further education and have taken part in literature by organizing contests and publication in journals. In 2010/11, two of the classes are enrolled in PhDs in Creative Writing and three have completed work placements at The Knives Forks and Spoons Press and Carcanet.

This course profits from a regularly scheduled program of guest authors of the English group through the courses "Vital Signs" and "Drama Workshops". This event creates possibilities for a network at home, abroad and at home. Please have a look at our A-Z course schedule.

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