Creative Writing Courses Johannesburg

Courses for Creative Writing Johannesburg

Coworkers Johannesburg (Johannesburg, South Africa) It is a group for everyone who has begun to write something and wants to get help and inspirat. So if you haven't begun writing yet and always wanted to, here's your chance! We' re a group of enthusiastic, inspiring, creative young authors who work on fiction, essay, short story, journal article, but also on your very own biography and more.

We' ll gather once a week in the Northcliff area for about 2 hrs (or more if necessary!), where we shall be reading and sharing our works, followed by discussions and then writing over a cup of tea or caffee. We are still researching the best part of the working days to get together as a new group, so we are open to suggest.

Writing Studio

When you are a scriptwriter for the first case, this course will explore the basics of what it will take to be a scriptwriter in South Africa. Assume responsibility for the creative trip and creative expressiveness. At the end of 4 meetings, you will know what it means to be a scriptwriter and to compose a script. Do you owe it to yourself to spend more of your writing than to sit down and put words on the table?

When you have difficulty writing, are not sure which media to use or what to write for, this motivating and inspiring introperspective journey will enable you to use the writing aptitudes. In 4 meetings you will know who you are as an author and what you can do.

The Writing Studio, the leading figure behind the success of The Writing Studio, has been a publishing house of movie and theater journalists for 30 years and has been giving creative writing, dramaturgy and screenplay lessons throughout South Africa for 19 years. In 2005, he also founded The Write Agency and worked as a screenplay writer, screenplay writer and developer of scripts, fiction and play.

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