Creative Writing Courses Cambridge

Courses for Creative Writing Cambridge

At ICE we offer a wide range of creative writing courses suitable for both beginners and experienced writers. There are two creative writing courses taking place at the same time. Series of workshops with Cambridge University tutors for creative writing. Ziele des Master of Studies (MSt) en Creative Writing an der University of Cambridge. At the end of the course the students should have it:

Institute for Further Education | Creative Writing

At ICE we provide a broad spectrum of creative writing courses suitable for both novice and advanced authors. There are two creative writing courses taking place at the same time. They both provide the opportunity to research a variety of different musical tendencies and literature to stimulate one's own writing part.

Understudy Certificate in Creative Writing : Understudy Certificate in Creative Writing : These three sessions help you discover and strengthen your own writing skills and promote creative experiment. Diploma in creative writing: Advance and nonfiction provides lessons on advance fi lm, advance non-fiction and the relation between writing and music.

Diploma in creative writing: Histórical Faithless, Cime Writing and Writing for Performances provides lessons in sophisticated historic faiths, sophisticated criminalistics and sophisticated writing for performances. Creative Writing is for those who want to improve their creative writing abilities in both literature and non-fiction.

When you are looking to improve your knowledge or just want to refresh your abilities, our brief courses are the ideal way to immerse your toes.

The Cambridge Festival of Creative Writing

We' re pleased to announce a new yearly creative writing celebration. On the occasion of our alliance with the BBC National Shorts Story Award, this event will be celebrating the film. A number of meetings can be visited free of charge and there will be bookings throughout the whole working days. To make your booking on-line, please click on the link below or call the Cambridge Live Cashier on +44 (0)1223 357851.

CREATIVE WRITING FESTIVAL: A Morning Debate with Michèle Roberts

Reserve a full night for a £30 limit. So if your writing would profit from some fine-tuning and expert input, why not register for 1:1 support with one of our specializedutors? Please make your reservation in advanced by e-mail to and indicate which instructor you would like to see and when.

So if this one-day celebration only makes you hungry, take a look at our Creative Writing Retreat, which will follow the 8-13 July show.

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