Creative Writing Courses Brisbane

Brisbane Creative Writing Courses

Reach your creative and professional writing goals wherever you live. CREATIVE Writing and Literary Studies at QUT? An indispensable organisation for the Australian literary community, we promote connection and creativity through the art and business of writing. Charmaine Clancy, author of children's books, organises workshops for children and young people at Black Cat Books and Cafe in Paddington, Brisbane. Make sure you have the courage to try new things, your creativity and your sense of fun.

Writers' Centre Queensland - QWC

Fundamental information on the most common writing and publication issues to help you figure out what you may need to explore further and what you can do to get into it. The QWC provides on-line courses on the arts, crafts and writing shop, conceived for bustling timetables, country life or refugee education.

The Australian Writer's Marketplace On-line Learning Centre hosts all courses on line. QWC's members-only Writer's Surgery links you to professionals who can help you break down barriers and get you on the way to your writing objectives. Please submit 20 pages of your work and then have a 90-minute interview with your named author, who will advise you according to your objectives.

MSc in Creative Writing and Literature

During this course you will find your place in the writing business and get a vision of writing as a calling and creative work. Our sponsoring of the Queensland Writers Centre and the Brisbane Writers Festival, our work placements at literature shows and publishers, and the opportunity to participate in open lectures and festival appearances give you an insight into the work.

You' re invited to enter your work into magazines and contests, with the QUT Creative Writing Award, where you can earn $2,000, or the chance to be featured in our Creative Writing Anthology. You will complete your studies with a high level of writing and communications skills - a unique ability that is highly valued by your boss.

You will be invited to explore a wide range of shapes and styles, among them novel, shorts, creative non-fiction, books for young people, press releases andpoems. We can also help you develop special writing abilities for your business, such as business writing, personal writing, editing as well as writing scripts. You' ll be able to complete electives in featured writing and web writing interactively and complete a creative writing assignment to create a sustainable work in a category of your choosing.

We have a team of instructors who are seasoned writers, professionals in writing and respected scientists in the field of creative writing and theology. Transform your creative interests and knowledge into post-graduate research study to learn new technologies, abilities and research methodologies. Complement your research either as a diploma or as a practice-oriented creative work with a writing part.

All of our alumni work as creative or proffesional authors and copywriters in companies, municipalities and freelancers.

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