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Information on creative competitions: The fifth creative writing competition is open. Department of Classics Creative Writing Competition. Below you will find the details of the competition. Writing contest and writing resource specialists.

A creative writing contest

Now the contest is over and the winner have been determined. Thanks to all our great participants! Holywell Music Room, Oxford, 5:30-7:30 pm. The victors and jurors will be reading from their work. We are pleased that Ian McMillan is reading for us and leading a workshops for the contest winner.

The creative writing contest is open to all. It recalls the work of the famous author Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749-1832), whose poetry collections of the West-East Divan (1819) not only presented a dialog between the Christian-European and Muslim world, but also attempted to overcome inflexible separations between them.

The memorial still attracts and reacts to the work of the artist and commentator with their own creative works. Both of these seats are separated, fixed textures that imply two different people, culture or perspective - yet they are both carved out of the same block of masonry. Contest starts on Monday, September 25, 2017.

Further information, such as the terms and condition s and further detail on the topics and what the jury is looking for, can be found here. Hopefully, we will be able to continue to provide further funding to enable more unpaid and new students to participate.

Contest organizer, Dr. James Hodkinson.

Creativity in writing competitions

No one ever leaves Grindstone's creative writing competitions empty-handed, be it in the form of shorts, fictions, novels or lyric. The writing competitions are evaluated by professionals and publishers, and we provide individual, realisable feedbacks to each participant. We' ve created a tailored, sophisticated assessment procedure that has been shown to help us recognize great fonts.

Up to now our winning entries and shortlists have won further competitions for creative writing and placed themselves in other competitions, as well as found representatives. Being a Grindstone champion requires a great deal, but if you have that extra something, you too can enjoy the advantages and reputation that a price and a release from us has.

Placement in manuscripts and writing competitions is a good way to draw attention to yourself, and that is our primary goal to help you. To find out what it means to be a Grindstone Winner, take a look at our previous winner below, browse our blogs or visit our shop to get a copy of our Anthologie or Journal, both of which are full of useful tips for prospective authors.

As our submission and entry is processed through our User dashboard, you can also find the complete contests and entry-lists! You can click the "Contests" button at the top to see the contests in your display or slide down to see an abridged version of the game.

All of our writing competitions are shown on the following maps. To participate in one of the contests, just click on the map to go directly to the registration page, or to see the contests in their extended views, please use the "My Dashboard" tab in the top bar or the "Contests" symbol at the top of the user dashboard.

At Grindstone we want to ensure that everyone is valued for their contribution, and as such we give each individual participant discerning comment. Nowhere else will you get a competitive event like at Grindstone. Disclaimer & Conditions: Most of the winning teams will be selected by an unbiased jury from a list.

Work by short-listed candidates can be made public in various ways. When an entry is being posted or if you are a posted writer, this will not exclude you from the contest, although it does not ensure that it will be successful if we believe that another entry was more powerful in a particular case.

Entrance tickets must be fully payed via PayPal at the moment of registration. Participants who have not payed the starting money will be immediately dismissed. The number of submissions is not limited, but each submission must be covered by a separate registration charge.

Participants are entitled to file the same item more than once if there have been reviews, but we ask you to contact us so we know that this is the case. Any submission must be entitled to enter a contest under the copyrights of the work if it is already covered by a copyrights arrangement.

We maintain all records in our data base for the areas'User Dashboard' and'My records' in the eshboard. Every visitor who wishes to have his work deleted can get in touch with us at any moment. All works that have been criticised here at Grindstone can take part in our competitions, provided that they comply with the conditions of participation, although this affects their results in our competitions.

Participation in a Grindstone contest implies your agreement to be added to our mailinglist, from which you can opt-out at any moment by clicking the'Unsubscribe' button, or by contacting us. In case you do not fully comprehend the above, please do not take part in our prize draw until you have contacted us for explanation.

With the participation in a contest at Grindstone you confirm that you have carefully checked everything that is stated in this disklaimer and accept it at will. We are always enthusiastic about the generous and supportive nature of the writing group, so we just wanted to take a second to thank two donors.

Almond Press and Christopher Fielden are both kind enough to publish our competitions on their pages and help promote the Grindstone name.

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