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Themes of the creative writing competition

I have to take part in a creative writing competition for school. Articles on Creative Writing Topic written by the English Literary Society, IIT Kanpur. On the day before, the official themes for the competition will be sent out by the organisers. Up-to-date list of competitions for short story writers, poets and non-fiction books. Previous Topics In recent years, the topics of the writing competition have focused on improving life in developing countries.

Composing Theme - English Literary Society, IIT Kanpur

These are the topics and policies for Sweet Summer Sweat 2017. Send your submissions to by August 12. Winning contributions are awarded in a book competition and are presented in the Meander ELS monthly and in our blogs. It is even more difficult to define topics for those with writer's inhibition if you yourself suffer from writer's inhibition.

Now, we made it, so welcome to TaleSpin'17, the creative writing competition at LitFest'17. There are several themes you can work on. Themes can be found here: The winner will receive a prize book and their entry will be posted on the web. These are the themes of the Sweet Sommer Sweet Sommer Sweat.

Best contributions will be posted in Meander and will be awarded with a book. Email us your plays to by 31 July at the latest. One advantage of Summer is that we have more lights to type with every passing of time. All right, people. Winters are a strong mixture of different adventures and sensations, a time of year whose many different passions have inspire innumerable performers in their own way, from Debussy to Dickens, from Monet to Milton, from Kurosawa to Keats, to name but a few.

This creative writing competition is designed to help you catch and articulate some of the feelings you'll feel this year. During the seventh and eighteenth centuries, the tank was so loved that noblemen at the Emperor's courtyard of Japan wrote and competed with each other. Winters will come.

So what you have to do is writing the wintry tankas (according to the given structure) and sending them to us on or before January 10, 2016. Please email us your input to More than one entry is permitted. First and foremost, the best contributions will be posted on the blogs and the three best contributions will be given away as awards.

Merry writing! As a general guideline, a six-line, 20-syllable verse with a number of syllables of 1/1/2/3/3/5/8 should be written - the classical Fibonacci series. So what we want is for you to post your own fibers on the subject of monsoons for this competition and for Kumomi to use them.

Simply adhere to this easy to read and write form! Send your contributions before August 6 to together with your name and role number. Of all the classical poetry that could be quoted, after all, it was the fantasy of many (Shakespeare, Keats, Blake; to name but a few) that we selected in December, because it was simply simpler for us to grasp.

Following our Sommer-Trip with Hausku, the ELS offers you a challenging snow grouse. Describe the whole of winters or highlight a particular aspect with your hail. You are unsure how to spell a hairy dog, you can check out our previous blog post.

Deadline for submission is 31 December 2014. Please send us your input by e-mail to More than one entry is permitted. Best posts are posted on the blogs and authors can select their own animals name for the blogs (they can also post it with their own name if they wish).

Three best contributions will be given out as awards. The number of like-minded people on the post is taken into account for neckties.

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