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The Creative Writing Club makes writing fast and entertaining. Writing apps interactively saves time in planning. You ever think about writing a novel? You like writing short stories, novels, flash fiction, plays, poems or the like? We are the Creative Writing Society and do what it says on the can.

Frequently asked questions | Creative Writing Club

Can I subscribe to my entire college? If you choose to quit during the probation we will not charge you, but we sincerely wish that you will be satisfied with the Creative Writing Club. Is Time Machine Week? The Time Machine Week is a life experience with Creative Writing Club applications for the whole classroom writing stories.

Students can put together their own histories - from the Big Bang to the Second World War. Compile a tale about a giant hunting, the case of Troy, the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae, Beowulf's search, the gunpowder plot, Elizabethan explorers, the Hastings fight, the climb of Everest, Marie Curie, Stone Henge or the voters.

If you would rather have one of our writers host a Times Machine Week to start the workshop with a funny gathering - or if you would rather have one, you can host it as an in-house one. You' ll get 4 week free entry to the material - so you have enough easy enough space to organize yourself.

The Time Machine Week is great to get students to appreciate the history - as they are writing the tales they get a sense of where the Vikings were in the Bronze Ages. Levels 2 (KS2) are violet and intermediary. Levels 3 (KS3) activity is lush and they are the most demanding, but they would be suitable for Y6 or Y5 capable authors.

Are Y2 and Y6 really able to use the same apps? Our writing is open, making our ressources perfect for use in different level groups. You can all use the same writing border, but you will get different results according to your skills. Reception and Y1 are usually a little too young to make a whole history.

But with Creative Writing Club applications like The Magic Tree, you can have a lot of enjoyment brainstorming a whole year. This can be done by getting them to paint the character and tell the tale (instead of writing it). Example: When you are downloading a PDF of The Magic Tree, there is a sheet of paper where students can paint their character.

Is it possible to join the Creative Writing Club? A 10-pupil instructor, for example, pays more than a 4-pupil one. If you want to use the Creative Writing Club in a college, university, bookshop or education institution, you must sign up for the Schulen-ticket.

What is your create-a-book experience? Be it dreaming of being a writer or not, kids like to see their own story in a story. We can also make a story collection for your kids if you are a customer of one of our product. You only have to browse through their story to look for typing errors etc. and mail us the text in a Microsoft Office work.

We' ll produce your free copy for you! There' is no concealed advertising agenda: there is no need to keep a books at your college fiire.

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