Creative Writing Classes Vancouver

Vancouver Creative Writing Classes

Writing lessons on site and in the class room Our bieten Kurse in Creative Writing, ESL, Ecriture efficace, Ecriture pour le Web et ESL Writing an ! Coworkers offers lessons for your organisation, from the lovely Creative Coworkers studios and private lessons. In addition, we have creative, poetry performances for conference and training sessions, employee retraining and charity activities.

We' re providing free induction courses through our Meetup Group. Information about our writing courses for those in Trauma and Recuperation can be found under Writing for Recuperation. It is our aim to provide extraordinary writing work-shops with a dedicated, sympathetic and individual approach. VWC offers two workshop from the Creative Coworkers workshop this winter:

Woman's Writing as Healthing Workgroup Series: $30 + GST per meeting or $120 to book your place in all classes. See Vancouver Reiki Classes + Energy Therapy Meetup for more information and registration. Power-Pack creative writing: Please ask for our package offers for on-site training or personal support! Visit us for creative writing tutorials and classes.

In addition, we continuously run free induction courses. New and experienced authors have the chance to meet with them, have a dialog about writing and the creative processes, create prompt and exercise that will inspire us to think and writing in new ways, and have a lot of joy!

Writing creatively

The programme provides a wide range of first, second and third year study programmes in which you can write poems, novels, fiction, speculation, plays, screenplays, stories, memoirs and children's music. Each of our classes is based on a classical face-to-face workshops approach that is designed to invite and encourage the student's use. An Associate of Arts Degree specializing in Creative Writing provides the first 60 credentials of an Undergraduate degree to help graduates build a compelling creative writing career that allows them to compete for creative writing programmes at school.

The classes concentrate on theories and practices in writing poems, theatre pieces, novels, speculative fictions, children's books and more. The student can further specialise in one (or more) of the different styles by attending intermediate classes.

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