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Learn creative writing online to discover your inner writer. Get free and trendy creative writing courses online, taught by the best authors in the world. You can learn to tell your story more effectively and become a better writer with online courses taught by successful authors and bloggers. Receive the prestigious University of Toronto Creative Writing Certificate from anywhere in the world and fit your courses into your own busy schedule. Our two courses "online" and "in-person classroom" cover the same material.

Best paid online writing courses for creative authors, fiction and non-fiction

Our last article in this serie presents some of the best free writing classes on the web. Now let's check out some of the top writing classes out there that are requiring a small charge. If there are great classes, why buy a writing course?

Cause you' re going to invest in your careers! Absolutely the best writing classes out there demand a commission because they hire astonishing teachers with years of industrial expertise to do it. It also provides personalised feed-back, the opportunity to interact with other authors, and other skills-building activities that are often not available in free self-study classes.

When you' re serious about becoming a winning writer, you must always learn, grow and improve your writing aptitudes. Participation in online courses with top writers, journalists and lecturers can help you. These are some of the best creative writing courses to take your writing to the next stage.

Do you want to enhance your writing abilities, try new technologies or perhaps even go into a completely new world? Paying for a creative writing lesson online can give you the necessary impetus! A major online course from the prestigious Gotham Writers Workshop, Creative Writing 101, takes you through all the essentials you need to write like a pro.

You can take this six-week course at your own speed, but you will profit most if you join the elective monthly conversation to ask your students a question and engage with your schoolmates. This course explores what it means to be a creative writing professionally, whether it's literature or creative non-fiction work.

You' ll get fundamental strategy and utilities to help you put your thoughts on the page, and you'll get to try out different writing style and technique to see what works best for you. While you can have another teacher according to the course you register for, all Gotham writer workshop participants are experienced and have significant credit and instructional expertise.

Comprised of two full-time faculty members from Creative Writing 101: is Tamara Guirado, who has written novels for StoryQuarterly, Best New America Voices, Rainbow Curve, Comet Magazine and 580 Split. Her teaching positions have included Kansas State University, the University of Wisconsin and the Academy of Art in San Francisco. A BS from Southern Oregon State University and an MBA from Mills College, she was a Wallace Stegner fellow at Stanford University.

Besey Odell, writer of the novel Deep Water and the essays "Naked in Bohemia" in the book Travelers Tales Prague and the Czech Republic. She' s written articles in Preerving Your Memories, of which she was editor-in-chief, and Yellow Rat Bastard. Stanford also provides online training courses to help carry out its educational and educational missions, which are open to anyone who wants to apply - no registration needed!

Participating in the Stanford Creative Writing Track is a great way to enhance your writing abilities while delving deeply into certain facets of the trade. Whilst it provides some courses for beginner students, more of the courses concentrate on really focusing on the development of your own specialisation. You can, for example, take courses that are based on:

You' ll find that this really looks like a hard-core college graduate - Stanford doesn't joke when it comes to making you a top-notch pro-author! The courses are taught on a semiannual base, i.e. you enrol during a course and then take the course together with other online students.

Dates are autumn, winter, spring and sommer; many classes fill up early, so make sure you do a regular check-in to get the ones you want! A number of classes last 5 or more intensive or deeper classes last 10week. Please review the course descriptions you are interested in so you know you can spend your own amount of work!

Stanford's trainers differ according to course and concept, but all are professionals with excellent references. One of the next classes will be instructed in natural writing by Brendan Jones, an Oxford trained author and naturalist whose work has been presented in the New York Times, Smithsonian, Ploughshares, Narrative, Popular Woodworking, The Huffington Post and Saveur and on NPR.

She has also published one-on-one essay writing in Gulf Coast, Waxwing, The Arroyo Literary Review, O, The Oprah Magazine, Berfrois, Canteen, The New York Times "Draft" and elsewhere.

Ms. Becker has a wealth of creative writing instruction both at the Bachelor and MFA level. There is a full biography of the teacher in the course descriptions, so be sure to browse down when viewing the lessons. Several classes can run for up to $880 for those running 10 instead of 5week.

Most classes needed text books that you could buy or obtain from the school. When you dream of taking your writing careers to new levels, tying your reader to your character and storylines, and writing "unwritten" novels, then maybe it's a good idea to take a paying online writing course.

They can help you delve deeply into the basic skill sets you need to create a world and character that your reader will never want to miss. When you' re looking for a starting point for writing a great novel or history, a category that guides you through every stage of the writing progression is perhaps the best one!

Like a Pro is an intensive six-week course with two classes per lesson per week, each of which is immersed in an important area of writing myth. Combining classes of lecture, reading, face-to-face exercises and one-on-one tasks, group discussions and feed-back, the course creates a vibrant learning environment similar to that of a schoolroom or a dedicated group of author.

Writer Steve Alcorn has extensive writing and genre expertise; he has written and edited books on mysteries, historic literature, image books and non-fiction on writing, designing and designing themed parks. He has assisted more than 30,000 pupils in putting their own concepts into practice, and many of those who have attended his courses have become publishers themselves.

The Gotham Writers Workshop gives novel writers the opportunity to create their own MFA programme online, from the basic to genre-specific work, sketches, reviews and in-depth immersion in areas such as the creation of convincing personalities or the writing of great dialogues. You begin with the introductory course in which you will discover the arts of writing novels and how they differ from the writing of a text.

Next, if you want to know more, you will either go to a novel writing course or a course specifically developed for your area of interest, such as mysty, science-fiction and fantasy, romance, video game writing and more. They can also gain a deeper insight into areas of fictitious craftsmanship such as dialogue writing and character development.

With only three week's duration, these short, intense courses can help you improve your writing ability, regardless of your time frame and your budgets. The majority of courses consist of a mix of classes and reading, personalized work tasks, group meetings or feed back groups and everyday exercises to help you incorporate writing as a custom into your day.

With Gotham writer workshop tutors differ by sessions, classes and levels, but all are top quality professionals with astonishing references. As an example, Chip Livingston is a frequent online teacher, a productive writer and writer of shorts and poems with several independent compilations and has been featured in magazines such as Ploughshares, Cincinnati Review, Potomac Review, Court Green, Subtropics and Crazyhorse.

Lectureships at the University of the Virgin Islands, the University of Colorado and Brooklyn College. Mr. B.S. and BA in English from the University of Florida, MA in Fiction Writing from the University of Colorado and MFA in Poetry Writing from Brooklyn College.

A full six-week course costs $399 each ($369 for returnees). Three weeks of crash course are $150. A $25 per semester enrollment charge is required for all classes. Once a studio of Chuck Palahniuk's The Cult Site, LitReactor now provides a variety of classes covering all areas of writing fictions.

Once you have a basic knowledge, you can refine your abilities and familiarise yourself with the intricacies of your work. Lessons begin with a bike program, so see what kind of workshop and speciality classes are going to take place soon on the website.

While each of these classes deals with a different area, they are all similar in that they combine astonishing instructor work, practical work, instructive presentations and small fellowships of committed authors to work together and improve their aptitudes. Courses on the following topics are available: Even though the Elementary Course is an introduction course, many of the others are expecting you to be familiar with writing literature; they are not intended to give you a foretaste of writing, but to help you improve your writing ability or move into a new area you want to research.

As an example, an incoming course on writing actions will be given by John Skipp, a New York Times bestseller writer, cutter and film-maker. One of the classes on the sale of shorts is led by Tobias Carroll, editor-in-chief of Vol. 1 Brooklyn and a productive writer of novels and non-fiction, whose works have been published in Tin House, The Collagist, Necessary Fantasy, Bookforum and Joyland.

Costs vary from group to group, usually depending on the duration and/or intensity of the lessons. From $79 for a 10-day intense-gramatic boot camp to $325 for a four-week course to plan your novel. A lot of classes are in the $199 area for two weeks of intense workouts. Writer's Digest University is another set of online classes where you can go as deep as you want.

Compiled by Writer`s Digest, the recognized source for professionals who want to promote their work, this extensive set of classes includes presentations, online conferences, tutorials, workshops, online meetings, focused tasks and discussions for new and existing author. There are a number of classes for every difficulty setting, whether you are just getting started or want to improve a particular part of your writing.

You can study according to your objectives and the courses you choose: As there are many more courses, have a look at the complete listing! Like most online writing colleges, Writer's Digest University has a number of teachers who teach different classes. The best-selling writer of more than forty works, among them the novel Ben Kincaid, the historic novel Nemesis:

Eliot Ness's last case, currently in an ABC serial, a volume of poems and a range of literature works. Philippe Athans, founder of Athans & Associates Creative Consulting, former TSR/Wizards of the Coast Executive Director, and the New York Times bestselling writer of Annihilation and a couple of dozens of other imaginary and terrible literature.

For more than 25 years Carolyn Walker has been working as a freelance writer, newspaper writer and freelance writer. In 2004 she was also awarded her Master of Fine Arts in Writing and a Pushcart Award. The price varies by grade, but ranges from $199 for a relatively brief crash course to $799 for a full course on writing technique.

Will you take your non-fiction writing careers to a whole new dimension? Perhaps you would like to try a new area, such as writing trips or eating. You may just want to find new ways to promote your article to your audiences. This astonishing affordable non-fiction writing course can help you do all that and more!

Like a Pro is a comprehensive writing course that concentrates on the basic writing skill you need to become a high-paying non-fiction author. This course includes handicraft writing consulting, creative timetable maintenance, research and sales consulting. He has educated more than 70,000 writers on how to create, distribute and promote their works like pros, among other things through his online tutorials, which include Ebook Publishing School, a free educational programme that shows writers how to post and distribute their first work.

Do you have problems getting started and launching your non-fiction book projects? Register for the Creative non-fiction Boot Camp and leave your anxieties and hesitations behind! There is a choice of a 5-week introductory course or a 10-week dual-task crash course with even more hands-on experience for your students, according to what you want to get out of the course.

Both classes provide you with writing instructions, regularly scheduled tasks, useful presentations, focused personal feedbacks and the chance to exchange ideas with your classmates in order to further your work. You will write a great deal and end up with either a well-developed article of over 5,000 words or a range of short stories tailored to particular target groups or needs.

You will also need to type 300 words a days to divide them with the group so that you can establish the necessary disciplines to create a periodic writing exercise. There are no more pleas - you're on your way to becoming a pro non-fiction writer once you've done the work in this year!

She has a wealth of expertise in writing and processing literature and non-fiction. She wrote for papers and non-profit organizations, and her anthology of shorts was a finalist for the Flannery O'Conner Award for Shortfiction. She has taught at Carlow University, Point Park University, Waynesburg University and the University of Pittsburgh since 2004.

The Gotham Writer Workshop is a place for serious authors with good reason: They invest a great deal of hard work and money in the development of online classes that are as good as anything else in the actual game. Her non-fiction track provides a wide range of opportunities for budding non-fiction professionals....and for authors who are already firmly entrenched but want to try out a new subject or enhance their abilities.

Begin with Creative Nonfiction 101 and immerse yourself in the different areas that make up this area, from memoir to essay to creative articlg. As soon as you have refined your abilities at the elementary stage, you can begin with the deepening of specific topics. No matter whether you want to focus on writing about groceries, creating the best blogs, writing papers or learning the abilities of a serious reporter, here you will find both complete six-week classes and intense skill lessons designed to meet your objectives.

But the Non-Fiction Track also has in-depth, short subject area categories on important non-fiction writing abilities such as how to type a winning books request that can help you make the most of your typing careers. The instructor with Gotham writer's workshop varies by sessions, classes and levels, but all are top -quality professionals with astonishing references.

Several of the periodic trainers for Creative 101 non-fiction, for example, include: She has worked as an editorial writer for Playboy, Latina and Lifetime she has authored articles for Maxim, New York Metro, the New York Post, the Chicago Tribune and Satisfaction. It is the Professional-in-Residence an der Loyola University Chicago's School of Communication.

She' s a lecturer at the University of Illinois. Ms. Henning has a BA from the University of Wisconsin and an MA in Writing from the University of Illinois. I' m Ashley Shelby, the writer of the Red River Randing non-fiction: She has published her brief diction, journals and essay in the J Journal: Recent writings on social justice, the Los Angeles Review, The Nation, Post Road, Seattle Review, Sonora Review, Southeast Review and Third Coast, among many others.

She is an editorial journalist for the Penguin Group (USA) and has purchased and published both non-fiction narratives and memoirs. Ms. Bennett has a BA from Indiana University and an MFA in Non-Fiction Writing from Columbia University. A full six-week course costs $299 for the Creative non-fiction 101 beginner grade, then $399 each for continuing education ($369 for recurring students).

Three weeks of crash course are $150 and four weeks of crash course are $165. A $25 per semester enrollment charge is required for all classes. Next-Level Creative Non-Fiction is part of the course networking and gives you the tools you need to make a name for yourself as a non-fiction writer. Be it memoir, essay, travelogue or other creative articles, you will be learning new ways and approaches to advancing your writing careers through the classes and class assignments provided in this 10-week course.

Every weekly includes a written order and gives you the opportunity to give and get your colleagues and your teacher to give it. At the end of the course, not only will you have a better grasp of what it will take to be a winning non-fiction writer, you will also have built a collection of work to begin receiving remunerated writing work!

Also be sure to check out the other classes at; they can build your abilities in a variety of areas and call the expertise of noted writers and experts to give you a foot up on everything from poeryto figure textbooks to monetising your blogs. Com is one of the oldest online writing school ( "" was founded in 1995), and they know one or two things about imparting literacy abilities in a versatile way!

She is co-editor of the much-loved guidebook for writing articles on selling truth stories: He is a non-fiction Writers' Guidebook und schrieb No Word for Welcome, Gewinner des Grub Street National Book Prize for nonficion 2011. Her writings have been resident at 20 academic and research institutes, among them Acadia and Everglades National Parks, Harborview Medical Center, New College of Florida and Seattle University.

Writer's Digest University not only helps literature editors; they also have astonishing resource for non-fiction editors, memoirs and free-lance editors! You will receive in-depth lecture, coursework, network possibilities with publicized contributors and colleagues and more in these focussed classes. Prepare for an intensive work load and a great deal of heavy work as you evolve your abilities!

Several of Writer's Digest University's non-fiction classes include: Select what areas of interest or levels you like to develop your own personal schedule to enhance your writing and advancement. Several of Writer's Digest University's non-fiction teachers include: She is a member of the renowned American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA), which has distributed her work to periodicals, papers, online websites, encyclopaedias and literature periodicals.

Prizes differ by grade, but ranges from $149 for a grade for writing non-fiction for kids to $649 for an intense intermediate mnemonic. With your dedication to improving your writing ability, it's a good opportunity to learn and practise! Take your daily writing lessons, even if it only takes 15 min., and practise the writing technique you have learnt in your writing group.

Stay in contact with other pupils in the group and create a fellowship that you can ask for help and feed back. Learn, write and evolve and you will see the results as your writing carreer flourishes. Kate has worked million of words in her carreer and assisted tens of bestsellers and award-winning writers to expand their carreer and do what they like!

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