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Crafting Writing Support Group - Glasgow Women's Libary

In line with the wishes of Creative Writing for Fearties attendees, we have provided a place for authors to get together, work together in an inspiring environment, help each other, improve their writing abilities, try out innovative thinking and create new work. Have a cup of coffee, get creative and get help from other authors in this group.

For more information or bookings for all future meetings of the Creative Writing and Creative Writing Support Group, please click here. It is a women-only show and we recommend booking your ticket in advanced whenever possible. The cost of this course is 2 full fare. Choose the number of seats you would like to purchase below or come to the library to make a reservation.

There are subsidized places available for the student, low-income, jobless or beneficiary and friends of the GWL. When you are entitled to a subsidized seat, choose the one below or come to the library to make a reservation. There are no seats available as this is over.

Theatre | Glasgow Workshop Projects

In collaboration with Fraser MacLeod, the group will be creating a new play, Chimera. Every section contains a play entrance fee and an individual meeting with the teacher to concentrate on the work at hand. The students investigate the creative processes of creating a play. Performers who are interested in drama art and want to extend their work.

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