Creative Writing Classes for Teenagers

Writing courses for young people

Discover creativity in writing, both with fiction and non-fiction. Investigate the creative forms of non-fiction - including memoirs, essays, feature articles, and reviews. Uncommitted: Teens Creative Writing as a partner: Non-printing, creative, non-school classes for authors between 13 and 17 years of age. The teenager classes are available both in New York City and on-line. NYC classes are led by the Gotham Readers Workshop.

Gothamriters Workshop and Teen Inks have partnered together in the on-line classes. Teen Inks annual free course fee for all Teen inks.

Discover creative writing, both with fantasy and non-fiction. Investigate the creative types of non-fiction books - includes memoirs, essays, reports and critiques.

Are you a teenager who enjoys writing poetry, story, novel or screenplay?

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