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asylum "Writopia instructors taught my daughters to learn to write and inspire them to compose award-winning fiction." My daugther writes with great excitement long after I have worked with them. "I came to Writopia without ever having been in a writing course outside my orphanage. It was the first ardent and enthusiastic writer.

I wanted to see my teachers and my boyfriends teach me how to work better every time. It was Writopia that gave me the opportunity to think about tough and private issues in a different way and to freely state them. "Writopia is the number one writing programme in town.

" "It was unbelievable! I' ve learnt so much about writing shorts, essays and poems in just two wards. To have this great event and a great part of the day at once was great. "Rebecca, 14, A.J. Heschel Middle School, "The studio was a great experiince! You laughed and laughed all the while you were developing your creative abilities!

" Milana, 14, A.J. Heschel School, "Rebecca has an astonishing linguistic instinct - she knows how words touch and ring, and that allows her to work with all types of writing, from brief histories to poetry to essays.... It can give general and general feedbacks as well as special analyses so that the author can freely use her own thoughts, but can read and express them in her own way.....

Debbecca is an awed (in the absence of a more specifically words of praise) publisher and author, and an equally astonishing one. To work with her is a dual benefit - her astonishing ability as an author and journalist and her lovely, cheerful, happy, beautiful smile. "Noa Bendit-Shtull, 15, Bard College High School, "Language Plays focuses more on writing than any other programme I know - and the group is more private.

" "It was so impressive how the kids in a group were answering a question..... and how they were encouraged to think covertly. The teacher really concentrated on the children's idea. "The best thing about Language Play was to watch the kids tell stories and involve them in the creative game.

There is no other similar programme that provides exercise with speech, phonic and creative game. "Our experiences with Writopia were marvellous for Jakob, an English sixth-grade student who attended a full-time Spanish class. He teaches on Skype in an interesting and creative way. Having found her vocal expression and enthusiasm every single wk, she could hardly await to be able to share her work.

Please have a look at my work, let me tell you what I am writing..... It' totally astonishing! "Writopia was a boon to my boy. An astonishing instructor has linked him to his creative mind in a way that has never before. His 17-year-old boy is proud to call himself a writer and looks forward to learning and writing in college.

" The Writopia was really advantageous for those who already see themselves as authors because it gives them the creative valve. In any case, I highly commend this course. Discussion and reading altered my way of thought about how to learn to write..... Lessons were great and the writing and practice was great!

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