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Schools in Scotland This is a month-long gathering with feed-back and debate for authors of fiction and poems who are feminists by conviction, although of course women's writing is welcome. This is an on-line group for authors to exchange information and work. This is a cooperative group of authors that meet once a week (except during summer break ) and welcomes anyone who wants to contribute in a pleasant and supporting environment.

Groups rendezvous on a Thursday at the Kailzie Garden Cafe, 10.30-12.30 13 per meeting or 50 for a five unit. On the last Thursday of each months the group gathers at 7 pm. We welcome new and existing authors. The Deeside WritersBanchoryGroup meetings are held every third Tuesday of the months.

EdinburghThe group gathers every first and last Tuesday of the months. Become a member of the Stromness Writing Group for assistance and motivation. They meet every second Tuesday in Stromness, see Facebook page for times and places. It is a fellowship group open to anyone interested in a range of subjects to research word creativeness.

WritersWest LothianThe group normally meets every two consecutive week to advise and assist each other. We are Forthwrite Worlders Group, located in Fife. Second Wednesday of every months at 09:30. This is a pleasant and inviting writing group for novices and advanced students. We provide affirmative and useful feedbacks about the work of the authors and report on the latest happenings and possibilities of writing.

We welcome every monthly visiting authors who share their expertise and knowledge with us! This is an informative and sociable group that gathers every Thursday night from 7 pm to 10 pm. The Edinburgh Region is a fellowship of authors with an extensive program of contests, workshop and experts.

Every third Thursday of the months at 19.00 o'clock both beginners and experienced users are welcome. Groups meet every Tuesday at 22:00-12:00 at the South Neighbourhood Office and Library[Gracemount Library] of the City of Edinburgh Council on Captain's Road.

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