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Hear my interview in which I talk about SEO to sell more books on Amazon. Creative Writer's Toolbelt is especially designed for creative authors. I' m new at the book release and at Amazon. You don't even have to rely on a stack of books. The rebates will go beyond the devices in its more than a dozen Amazon Books stores.

The Young Storyteller campaign with Amazon gives students the opportunity to become authors.

We' re working with Amazon UK to give UK undergraduates the opportunity to become publishers through the Young Storyteller Initative. As we know, kids are more committed and excited when they intentionally type. We' ve created a series of educational materials that help colleges inspire their pupils to be creative writers.

Your histories can then be collected in an artwork, republished and distributed as paperbacks and eBooks through Amazon's third-party publishers. Young Storyteller enrolled in Young Storyteller receives a royalty for every copy of the books they sell, and Amazon donates all the proceeds from the 2017/2018 books to us to help us with our important work.

Last year we successfully tested this campaign with a number of colleges and we have released several hundred writers from all over the UK. Now all the participating colleges are welcome to register. You' ll see some of the brightly illustrated booklets already created by Amazon schools:

Amazons Publishing closes first agreement with Caskie Mushens

The Amazon publishing house has purchased a "captivating" début novel about a confidential cover which has been sowed into a Nazi army uniforms..... In its first agreement with Frahlingur Caskie Mushens, Amazon Verlag purchased a "captivating" first novel about a confidential cover that was planted in a Nazi-cloth.

Anna Ellory, the two-book deal with the nurses' writer, saw Laura Deacon, who took over the UK from Juliet Mushens at Caskie Mushens, as editor-in-chief of the e-retailer. Audiible has acquired UK sound privileges for the first track, The Rabbit Girls, with the Netherlands privileges brought forward over night, as well as further privileges in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Serbia and an auctions in China, with further business to come.

It will be released next year by Amazon's Women's Fantasy Inprint Lake Union and the second, as yet un-titled novel will be released in 2020. De Rabbit Girls is called "a swepting heart affair story", which takes place between the 1940' and 1980' in Germany. A young lady in her father's possession finds a Ravensbrück uniforms in Germany containing concealed characters stitched into the stitches. She starts to discover the character of the author of the letter and thus unveil the secrets of her father's past - and to decipher the history of "The Rabbit Girls".

During the Second World War, Ravensbrück was a concentrating camps solely for trafficked woman domiciled in the northern part of Germany, about 90 km from Berlin. She was fascinated by the Rabbit girls "from page one". Mushens, who founded in January last year together with Robert Caskie Caskie Mushens, said: "It is the first one that Caskie Mushens has made a trade-off with Amazon Publishing, and this is the ideal publication to launch our collaboration: "The novel has been well received internationally and I am thrilled to make it accessible to a worldwide public".

Lives in Bath and is a nursing student and is currently enrolled in an MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa School. After Amazon's crimes and suspense novel impress, Thomas & Mercer, the book is signed by Claire McGowan, writer of the independent suspense story The Fall (Headline) and the Paula Maguire serial.

In the past months it turned out that the publisher division of the online business broke into non-fiction books due to the Little A masthead in the UK and "had been looking for high-quality non-fiction books by British writers for some time," says Deacon.

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