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Awards for creative writing

Aesthetica Creative Writing Award is now open for contributions. Aesthetica Creative Writing Award is an award for outstanding achievements in poetry and short fiction. To promote and promote new authors, it awards a book in an inspirational collection to a short list of 60 authors, one of whom is a laureate in each of them. There will be further possibilities for the laureates to extend their literature careers: 1,000 each in hard currency, advice from Frahlingur Redhammer Management, full membership of The Poetry Society, a Granta and book subscriptions with the kind permission of Bloodaxe and Vintage Boks.

We are committed to supporting talented and diverse audiences. Two other awards are presented: the Art Prize and the Short Film Festival (ASFF). With its three awards, award-winning companies, and support their careers through their global reputations and connections to the creative industry, are presented by award-winning companies.

Participation in the Aesthetica Creative Writing Award 2018

In order to participate in the Aesthetica Creative Writing Award 2018, you must have paid a registration deposit by August 31, 2018. You can submit a work of up to 40 rows per entries price for poetry entries. You can submit one work for each registration of up to 2,000 words for each film.

When you have bought several entrance tickets, please fill out a seperate registration request for every one.

Winners of the Creative Writing Award 2017

Fish and Chips won the 2015 Oxonian Review Poems Contest and is part of a series of verses entitled Business Class about working in a large multi-national group. At the moment Ian is writing poetries whose title all begin with the words "A Box of". is a Brighton resident.

The What Happens at the Edge is part of a compassion compilation of comedies. The Bath Shorts have also been featured in the Bath Shorts Anthology, Rattle Tales, Litro and Toasted Cheese.

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