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The other leading author teachers pass on their advice to the students. Authors work in a variety of industries and bring in written content in a variety of formats and media options. Our many renowned authors reflect the lively presence of creative writing in the department. Associations of honour offer creative authors unique opportunities for promotion, publication and networking. This program, which is taught by professional authors, is aimed at creative authors who want to develop their talents.

Groundbreaking 6 authors on writing, inspiration and the creative processes

In June last year, up-and-coming authors, book lovers, celebrated authors and publishers' specialists came to the March 39 - 27, 2009. A line-up of renowned authors and lecturers from the writing studio was present: Richard Russo, Ann Hood, Hannah Tinti, Akhil Sharma, Andre Dubus III and Dani Shapiro. Also several frahlings and journalists supported the participants with inside tips.

These literature professionals took part in a number of seven panels, covering the many phases of writing - from inspiring, writing, editing, and publishing to everything in between. Although all authors have best-selling and highly regarded novels, they have described different ways of approaching their work and given clear tips to up-and-coming authors.

Below you will find the best insight into the creative processes. Most of the authors were in agreement that the beginning of a new work is often the most difficult stage of the creative work. This is Dani Shapiro, whose latest work " Still Writing: In The Perils and Pleasures of a Creative Life," one author who begins a novel likened it to a float that moves towards the end of a springboard.

Taking this chance and immersing himself in a creative venture, the writer, memory writer and dual member of the department Andre Dubus III. underlined the importance of holding a new work privately. A further challange is to explore in writing the places of darkness and privacy. In A Journey Through Grief, Dubus III's memoirs "Townie" are the tale of his abusive infancy in a depressive mill city in Massachusetts; Akhil Sharma's "Family Life" is loose with the experiences of his own familiy after an unfortunate tragedy that seriously brainwashed his sibling.

Authors had misgivings about the review process: for some, editorial work is a welcome break from creating materials for a new work, after month or years. Others may see a completely revised edition of the work, which may mean that pages and pages of work are discarded. For Sharma, it took 12 years and 7,000 design pages to distil his novel "Family Life" into its definitive 218-page release, which the New York Times chose as one of the 10 best titles of 2014.

With all the designs, how did Sharma know the script was almost finished? Whilst much of Summer Words is focused on craftsmanship and creative work, it is not possible to disregard the commercial side of writing. Its aim is to help prospective authors better comprehend the market and the publication processes. The search for the right spy is an important first stage in the publication of a novel, as large publishers do not allow unasked entries and depend on literature spooks to provide them with scripts.

The Book Group visitor, Brettne Bloom, encouraged authors to look at the confirmations of similar titles, as the writer almost always thanks her agents. Summer Words is one of many stages in the creative work of many authors taking part - an occasion to get input on their work, get inspiration and find a fellowship of authors to help them do so.

Summer Words 2016 information will be available in December.

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