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Completing the University of Oregon Creative Writing Program online application form. The Creative Writing Program offers the MFA degree, with a focus on poetry or fiction. MFA Creative Writing door picture. Learn how to prepare and apply for the Creative Writing MFA program. Boston University Creative Writing Program accepts applications for the fall semester of each calendar year.

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Candidates must be in possession of a Bachelor's qualification at the moment of enrolment and must hand in an adequate writing profile (see below). Closing date for entries for poems, literature, non-fiction and children's books is 15 January. Submissions after this date will be examined on a case-by-case by case base; for enquiries, please consult the Admissions Office.

There''s no admittance for the springg term. You can contact the Admissions Office during the application procedure. Candidates must submit their applications on-line. Before submitting, you must fill in all the necessary information and submit it. All supplementary documentation that must be sent by post must contain a cover sheet for the application papers.

You must have submitted all documents before your application is examined. Alumni applying for re-admission must apply to the Admissions Office for admission. For more information on submitting copies and referrals, see below. Fill out the on-line application. Non-refundable registration fees of $50 payable as part of the on-line application.

Inofficial copies: Candidates must submit an informal report, grade form or proof of education for each institute (even if they have not received a degree) in the Educational Background section of the eApp. Copies not in British must be translated into German. Avoid sending any material that has been submitted with the on-line application or other material unless the Admissions Board has solicited.

Copies that have been submitted with the on-line application are deemed to be inofficial. Write-offs: Eligible candidates must provide all formal certificates throughout their university careers. Their approval proposal is subject to receiving and reviewing these formal documentation. The enrolment of new undergraduates for the second term of studies is only possible after the Admissions Office has obtained all formal certificates (including the certificates certifying the award of the degree).

Copies that have been submitted with the on-line application do not meet this requirements. Relocate applicant: Due to the integrated character of the MFA in creative writing, no credit is acceptable. Proofs should bear an authenticity or a sublime campus stamp and must be in a stamp or autographed cover by the registry of the exhibiting school.

Refer to "Postal Postal Addresse for Additional Materials" for the postal addressee in the Additional Notes and Information section below. No. We do not receive copies sent directly from a pupil or office. Any copies not prepared in German must be supported by a sworn German version. Candidates who have participated in post-secondary facilities outside the United States must have their transcript(s) assessed by World Education Services (WES) or another member of the National Association of Credit Evaluation Services (NACES).

When using WES, please go to www.wes. org for directions and to start the applicationĀ procedure. The" Necessary documents" section explains what is to be sent. Ratings and translation must be sent to the specified postal adress for accompanying material. Candidates who forward these signed forms should enclose a cover sheet for the application forms.

There are two letter of reference needed for all study candidates. Wherever possible, correspondence should come from members of the faculties who have directed the proposer. Recommendants can make suggestions on-line; the manual is enclosed with the on-line application. For sending by post, please use the PDF application recommended page contained in the on-line application, fill in your details, store the application and forward it to the person making the application to fill in and return it.

Candidates can also submit undersigned and certified references to the Admission Board using a cover sheet for the application documents. Describe your interest and your preparations for the creative writing course in approx. 500 typed words. Consider this as another example of your creative writing and give us the chance to tell something about yourself that your application would not otherwise show.

Candidates for the Postgraduate Creative Writing Program must provide samples of their writing to prove that they have the ability and enough good writing to move up to the postgraduate studies rank. Send in 10 pages of poems. Compile up to 20 pages of fiction. Lettering for children and young adults:

Send up to 20 pages of fiction or a design of a textbook for the young. Candidates who have achieved significant results in more than one range of concentrations may apply for their application to be taken into consideration for a double degree, but must nevertheless indicate a main and a second subject.

Please include a one to two page resume summarising your training, work and volunteering experiences and/or your letter of application. All non-native speakers of English must present current results in either English, IELTS, TEFL or ITE. At least 92 points are awarded for IELTS 7, 0 and 68 for IELTS ("TOEFL (IB)").

After examining your application, the Admissions Office may request that you take an English language test to further assess your candidature. Candidates who apply for more than one application per term must cancel one of the application forms and will not receive a refund.

Readmission application should be filled in by applicants wishing to come back after four terms of absences (autumn and spring). As soon as all necessary documents have been submitted to the Admission Board, they are full and verifiable. Verify your application at the Admission Hub.

Wait at least 14 from the date you submit your application to see the articles on the hub. It is the applicant's responsibility to contact the school and the recommendation to verify that the articles have been sent. Candidates will be informed by the Admissions Office by e-mail at regular intervals if their application forms are not available and again if their application forms are intact.

This notification will be sent to the e-mail addresses provided in the on-line application. If you are eligible, you will be sent a cover note with details and directions on how to obtain funding, accommodation, enrollment, students' visa (for non-residents of the United States) and other issues.

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