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Aids Creative Writing Teaching Materials for Early Years. Made for teachers, by teachers! When you try to use this creative writing aid, let me know how you have been. The prompts are sorted by class. You can keep the creative writing juices running by taking some of our.

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Contribute 25 helpful websites for creative authors

Do you need help to get your creative juice flowing? No. This creative authoring site offers gremmar hints, writing guides, review peers and publishing recommendations. Continue reading to find out how you can boost your creative writing on the web. Writer's Digest - The website for the Writer's Digest is a one-stop store for creative authors.

It has everything from writing tips and requests to social networking sites and blogging, and you don't need to be a journal subscribed to it. Nevadaa Writing Fix - This site is funded by the Northern Nevadaa Writing Project and provides hands-on tutorials and other creative authoring utilities. Specifically, it includes creative prompt, plot generator, and property generator capabilities.

Writer's FM - Writer's FM is a FM broadcaster written by authors for them. Every evening the channel transmits daily musical and writer-sessions as well as writing advice from presenter Karl Moore. Inks for Teenagers - Specially developed for young people, this site offers a platform for writing workshops and a general panel to help young creative authors.

U.S. copyright office - This website provides important information on copyrights for creative authors and a step-by-step tutorial on how to register your work. This website provides over a trillion haphazardly created starter stories for creative authors. - Looking for something less fortuitous?

There are over 300 smart command prompt options on this page to help you put words on the page. 15 Minutes of Fantasy - This page is for those who don't have much writing experience but want to keep their abilities high. Every fortnight there is a new command line to which the website user can reply with a brief fictional or poetic response.

The Creativity Portal imaginative prompter generator creates your creative juice one by one. Bonnie's Online History Spinner - The Online History Spinner by Bonnie Neubauer, a writing teacher, provides million of computer-generated storyline prompts for creative authors. This prompting provides a little additional tutorial, which includes a setup, an opening sentence and some words that must be contained somewhere in the game.

Gramar Girl - Gramar Girl's famed Quick and Dirty Hints (via blogs or podcasts) will help you avoid your creative typos. Owl - Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL) is another favorite resource for creative and scholarly writing as well as stylistic advice, as well as other creative and scholarly writing materials.

There are also free hands-on interviews in German and French and CV support for jobseekers. WritingForums. org - This busy writing group has over 28,000 members. Platforms are organised and supervised and encourage friendliness with the fellowship and useful comment. - is an on-line writing society that has been active for a decad.

It allows the user to write a story, save work and participate in other fellowship activity. It is free and open to authors of all knowledge level. With the Absolute Write Water Cooler, The Water Cooler is a great place to talk to other authors and find out more about creative writing. Via The About. com Writing Forums, writing advice and chats with other authors is a place to work.

This page contains a small but nice writing group, which welcome all kinds of people. The site is the perfect place for any author interested in finding journal publishing houses, books, agencies and writing competitions. This site also offers writing hints, books review and copyrights information.

With Frahlingen's biggest web browsable data base, Agent Query is the right place for you when you're looking for a replacement. Its website provides a data base of large and small publishing houses as well as literature, lecturing and publication agencies. Duotrope's Digest - Duotrope provides a data base of over 3,425 literature and poems that can help creative authors find the right market for their work.

Writer's Fund - This website specialises in legal subsidies and competitions for authors, but also provides lists of markets and competitions.

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