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Advice on writing and publication by Anna Davis

Curti's Brown Creative MD Anna Davis recently responded to some of our students' most pressing issues in the publishers' world. Search thoroughly for agencies by looking at both the one and the one ( (you can see a bunch of information on-line on the agency's website, the agent's publicity, etc. and their customer lists).

If, after about eight week, you don't see any agent, just go on to the next one on your mailing lists (i.e. don't be angry about the hunt). Does it always prove bad writing, or are there periods when it can be used well? F: I have seen many studies suggesting that masculine authors are more preferred than feminine authors, especially during the submissions phase.

F: What do you think about the use of popular art and reference to popular publishing in fiction? Preventing reference books that might make you think they date very quickly may be a good way to do so - but it also hinges on what kind of books you write - for example, if there are a large number of people in your books, it would be very strange to see them if you never mentioned one.

On the other side, a nonculturally related textbook may be strangely anomalous. I' d say type it as it really does and think about it later - you can edit or modify your reference to culture right up to publishing (and beyond when your text goes into future editions).

There is also a point when a script felt like it was dating, then a later point when it felt'retro' and specifically for its age. American Psycho by Brett Easton-Ellis - this is like the quintessence of the 1980s - and is probably even backward - but there is something in what it says overall that is still relevant.

There' are so many things beyond the technical cultures that a notebook can date anyway, regardless of whether you have an iPad etc. in it. F: Since I am quite timid, I would like to know how much is asked of the writers to promote their work.

A writer who just doesn't like to be a good writer or just doesn't like it will not be urged by his editor to do it against his will. The biggest impact on real volume of books sold is the involvement of major retail outlets. It' good to have a lot of new literature and an appreciation of what's going on on the market, so you don't write something that's very old-fashioned and out of date - but doesn't necessarily keep up with the latest outlooks.

When writing a novel that suits a trendy style, try to think about how to distinguish it from what already exists. But really, I'd say just sign that notebook that means something to you. Be very sincere.

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