Creative Story Book

A creative story book

One of Alice LaPlante's special highlights is her systematic exposure of many of the so-called rules of creative writing. Small black book, Subhash Pinnapola founds independent creative company'Storybook' in Sri Lanka. One method to support the success of teaching writing skills is the use of storybooks. The interactive performance of Story Book Adventures gives students self-confidence, reading pleasure and creative problem-solving skills. The unique exhibitions, lively events and playful activities of Seven Stories bring children's books to life.

Experience a fairy tale with Hans Christian Andersen in this occasion.

Experience a fairy tale with Hans Christian Andersen in this occasion. Qualified purchases must be at least $99; any tax, postage, or value of gifts bought will not be valid for all goods. We do not sell bricks & pieces and residue articles.

Can not be used on past shopping or in combination with other discounts, offers or free gifts. The article has a value of approximately $19.99 (US) / $26.99 (CA) and cannot be redeemed or replaced for any other article or present value. Items are only available through this promotion; no extra kits can be acquired.

40291 Basic Creative Storybook (LEGO) Retrospect

Only a few get-togethers away, we' re releasing a new Creative Storybook (40291). Comprising 307 parts, it is available free of charge from $99 at a retail store and emailed from June 4th to 20th while stocks last.

Most interesting are the first pages showing some of Han Christian Andersen's shorts in a time line made of brick produced by the company behind it. We have a liability exclusion which states that the shown parts cannot be made with the parts from this kit and are not offered for sale.

He' wearing a turquoise hoody over a stripey greenshirt with shortsteps. Of course, the most gripping part of this kit is the miniatur pop-up book itself. Binding for the book is dark grey, while the corners guards are flame-yellow-orange. On the other side of the book is probably the worst-looking part of the kit, as the back of the parts is open.

Sides of the book are hinged to stabilise the kit as the back is lifted more than the envelopes themselves. On the front is a 1×8 print of Han Christian Andersen's name. At the other side she shows a sequence from one of Andersen's most beloved shorts, The Ugly Duckling.

All in all, the 40291 is a very beautiful and welcome supplement to the game. and the disproportionately gooseneck. I' ll also notice that the book will not be closed, because it is not possible because of the large amount of the music.

Like I said, this kit could be a tee for the third LEGO Ideas Review Stage 2017 winners, the pop-up book we will receive later this year. You can also get it for free with a $99 or more order at the LEGO Brand Stores and[email protected] from June 4th to 20th while stocks last.

Many thanks to LCLEGO for submitting this kit.

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