Creative Stories in English

English-language creative stories

I have written down all my English spot and practice tests here. To make the sentences more interesting, add two simple sentences about a rocket and an astronaut. Adventures in the Rain, a story about fantasy and creativity. It can also be used in the forming time. Writing for ELTA teachers.

English-language stories - Creative authoring - Bustling streets

It was a crowded road. Stuffed with automobiles, stuffed with humans, stuffed with shops. A series of glowing green vehicles made their way through the road with a large bunch of men on both sides. There was power and the streetlights were dazzling. A store to the right had a large roof over the door.

Outside there was a mini-stable with folks who were always buzzing around in the store, going in and out. Whoever was wearing a leotard and pants entered the stores one by one. Well, that individual gave up that store and saw. Same as everyone else, he went on, and no one would stop or notice that he was quitting--

It was just another human being in and among millennia of other human beings.

English-language stories - Creative authoring - Emily Hackett

Rebekca's your mediocre teen. When your ordinary teenage boy was abducted and now defends himself in a moribund state. It was kept isolated from the rest of the earth for nine years, kept in a torturer and never came into touch with another person. They escape, the worid finds a deadly confusion, towns crumble to the floor and peoples die of things like the sore throat.

As she encounters a refugee camps where humans like her are just trying to live, she sees a new kind of expectation. They might be tempted to jump to the next suggested narrative or not even to go to the trouble of going that far. That' s the first thing I've ever really wrote, apart from the obligatory stories for English lessons, so no more.

It' about a young woman walking the street of live.... there are different stages a child has to go through, from adolescence to teens to adults and so on.

A vivacious, self-confident, intelligent, ruthless young woman, always thought herself to be the highest of all, to her own live was joy, she was among the renowned ladies of the college, her own whole-lived until something happend that made a difference......EVERYTHING! She is as ordinary as a young woman with three brethren and a divorce.

It has no puppies because it is too idle to walk with them and to spend its lives to read or study. He' the naughty kid at school and folks adore him at his foot. When a couple of conversations end up on Hunter's mind and he turns into a lovely princess looking for the woman who loses his boot, what happens?

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