Creative Short Stories in English

Short creative stories in English

A collection of powerful, unabridged stories, accompanied by activities for creative language teaching. It' our turn to write creatively! Writing in English / Creative Writing: Creation of short stories around a character named Charlie. Contains a synopsis and a character description.

Student of the Creativity Writing Club have written their own story.

King Oxford's Latoya Van Der Meer is sharing some of the high points of last semester's creativity program, such as the achievements of two gifted college graduates in a nationwide spine cooler school. It was the first scripting program in which, after a few week, six passionate young people took a course dealing with action, characterization, timing and location.

With various puzzles and an inspiring trip to the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, the Oxford based student started to develop their own idea and to create brief treats. The enriching night in November was a great hit, as the young group had their audiences create six brief verbal tales. Pupils have provided various samples of their listening experience, such as

Audiences spoiled themselves with stupid samples and we all had a great laugh. That leads us to the end of November, when I accidentally received an invite to the Young Writers Foundation Kurzgeschichtenwettbewerb. They had to make a brief history of horrors, which pupils under 18 years of age were restricted to 100 words.

Elene Chivadze and Akerke Makhmud, two of our pupils, immediately had brainstormed and soon realized that it was a true dare to write a 100-word tale. We worked really well at home and we worked together to work on and shine their tales so that they were available for submissions by December 24.

Congratulations to both of them, as it has just been said that they will be released as part of an Anthologie in Spine Chillers Midnight Madness. It will be released in April and circulated to the British Library and various other UK galleries.

Because they keep their copyrights, the pupils were kind enough to tell us their tales.

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