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Writes articles and videos on all aspects of screenwriting from the best in the industry. The Creative Screenwriting Magazine, Los Angeles, California. Creative Screenwriting Screenplay Contest is looking for the next big feature or pilot.

A creative screenplay competition

  • All authors from all over the world are invited to take part in the contest, but all screenplays must be in English and the fee must be in US-denominated. - Novels, shorts, plays, treatment, synopsis, reality show conceptions and/or screenplays for already established TV shows are not eligibl.

You have to write an orginal scenario or a telex. - Scripts from your own scripts, theatre pieces or other sources are eligable if you have maintained all of your work. - The authors who are in charge of awarding the prize (s) are entitled to participate. - The author realizes that a scripts review can take up to 90 days and may not be submitted before the end of the submission period.

  • Once a scripts has been accepted into the contest, we will only be happy to replace new designs or proofread pages if you notify us within 24hrs. We will not be accepting any changes thereafter under any circumstance. In order to send in a reworked screenplay design, you must send it in as a new contribution and cover the appropriate starting fees.
  • Candidates must unconditionally agree to the rulings of the courts. - The author acknowledges that it is his exclusive authority to record materials with the U.S. Copyright Office and/or the Writer's Guild of America or the appropriate agent in his state. - By participating in this contest and in the case that you are designated as a contest finisher, you agree that Creative Screenwriting may use your name and image for publicity or promotion without compensation.
  • Participants may send their script to another individual, a contest, a producer, an agency, a publishing house and/or an organisation and retains all copyrights to their script. - Prizes can be awarded at a cost of 1 packet per player on the basis of the highest ranking and not per scriptwriter, as requested by the sponsors.
  • The judges' rulings are definitive and cannot be appealed. Judges will abide by our rules; however, the contest and its stewards cannot be made liable for any mistakes or negligence on the part of the judges. You will not be referred to the judges.
  • Understanding that your log line and script will be checked for assessment by our employees and/or our jury. Also, you acknowledge that one of the employees or jury may have explored similar thoughts to yours, and you hereby disclaim any allegation that Creative Screenwriting Magazine or Creative Screenwriter LLC, its employees or jury may have embezzled any idea or part of your entry transcript or film screen.
  • The author fully acknowledges and agrees that he/she is an impartial supplier and that the competition administrator is not accountable for any tax or governmental withholdings, at any state, municipal or federation levels. - Unless otherwise forbidden by applicable laws, each participant agrees that Creative Screenwriting and its representatives and sponsors may use the participants' name, images, photos and/or personally identifiable information for advertising in any medium anywhere in the world without further compensation or gratuity.
  • BY PARTICIPATING IN THE COMPETITION YOU CONFIRM THAT YOU HAVE REVIEWED THESE TERMS AND ARE IN AGREEMENT WITH THEM. By submitting this form you consent to indemnify and defend Creative Screenwriting and Creative Screenwriter LLC. its subsidiaries, affiliates, prize donors, jury, script reader, sponsors and all other organisations in charge of the administration, promotion or promotion of the Competition and all their affiliates, officers, employees, sales reps and distributors (collectively the "Released Parties") in the past and present of and against all claim,

Costs and liabilities, which include, but are not restricted to, damage and carelessness of any person or person, inclusively, but not restricted to, breach of private sphere, defamatory, defamatory, defamatory, libelous, infringing the right to advertising, copyrights, infringing upon any trade mark or other IP right in connection with a Participant's entering the Contest and/or accepting or using or misusing the Prize;

on the understanding that such permission does not cover any commercially exploitable use of the screenplay by an authorized party that infringes your intellectual property right under existing copyrights; and (c) exempt, defend and/or protect and protect Creative Screenwriting and its sponsor, agent and employee from all and any and all remedies, costs and obligations (including appropriate attorneys' fees) related to a entrant's entry in the contest and/or use or misappropriation of the prize by the entrant. a...

Creative Screenwriting staff and their family members are not eligible to enter this competition. ENTRANCE TO THIS COMPETITION IS CLOSED IF PROHIBITED or limited by federal, state or municipal laws. Participation in the competition authorizes us to use all trustworthy third parties' on-line and cloud-based content management and database solutions for the purpose of host, manage and/or transfer of your submissions file(s).

  • In order to participate in the Creative Screenwriting Screenplay Contest, you must accept the terms and conditions.

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