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The interface between art and technology is creative coding. The group brings together people from different backgrounds to talk about creative coding and exchange ideas. During the entire course we will help you develop practical programming concepts and skills by exploring creative ideas and challenges. It has a creative side. The work describes an environment that supports learning by creating computer games in programming courses.

NYC Creative Programming (New York, NY)

The interface between arts and engineering. We bring together people from different walks of life to discuss and exchange creative codin. From solving everyday issues to creating discussions to just expressing oneself, creative programming can inspire creative people. Each month we give lectures on topics such as new technologies, computer linguistic study, computer literacy and computer arts.

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Imaginative coding: Introducing programming and processing (online) - Central Saint Martins

Whereas it is possible to create works of art with computer programs, their aesthetics are all too often regulated by the limitations of computer programs. It is a speech and programming environment for teaching codes in the contexts of fine art and designt. This course teaches you how to use the programming langugage process through a series of modules that will help you in understanding the basic concepts that can be applied to any other programming langugage.

You' ll be able to use these new insights in your creative processes to produce and modify persuasive images in no time. During this course you will be taught how to use programming to build images and lessons from the ground up. Programming skills are not required. Borowik holds a BA in Graphic Art from Central Saint Martins and an MA in Computational Art from Goldsmiths University of London.

Cryptic encoding

Create sound, pictures, animations and more with computer programming as a creative discipline with this free on-line course. During the entire course we will help you evolve hands-on programming conceptions and capabilities by researching creative thoughts and challanges. We will explore the story and philosophies of how to artistically use technologies to give you a better idea of how best to use your own creative visions to communicate with the creative tools you use.

Our goal is to help you "algorithmic thinking" - ways of conceiving and modeling the environment so that you can use computer programmes to articulate creative outcomes. Every weeek we begin with a creative concept and lead you through the implementation of this concept into a working computer game. We explore applications that can create pictures, animation and soundtrack.

You' ll be taught how to interactively modify your behavior and create ever more sophisticated and subtle works of art using additive programming technologies. We' ll also explore how top professionals work with computer, tech and robotic creativity by exploring their creative processes and the inspiring concepts that they have.

This course is very different from programming techniques. We' ll put creative programming into its own contexts by discussing some of the most interesting issues that computer-generated arts raise, such as: Is it possible for a computer to be creative on its own? Who' s the creator of a work of computer art: the computer engineer or the programme?

And how does our perception of the arts and creative processes change through the use of technique? This course is for those who have always been wondering about these issues or wanted to know how to create a computer for creative use.

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