Creative Poems in English

Poems in English

We looked at poetry in English and today a poem by Spike Milligan called Ning Nang Nong. Include your poems and read other members' poems. Evaluate and comment on all poems. Saw the old man circle the log. Skin is weathered, hands bent and blue eyes pungent.


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So what are the most creative poems you've ever seen?

Gunfighter was quietly seated under the boom. "I' m sure I could use a drink of fresh air this morning. One swallow of soda because I have a little soreness in my chest." They' re all gone while I' m just having a little bit of ache in my chest." but as we were clearing the ridge, the darkness blew up and I felt this little soreness in my chest."

but eventually I sit down with this little ache in my chest." "It seems stupid that a man my height, so full of verve and vigour, is beaten by a little bit of breast pain." "If she could see me sit here, what would my woman think of her husband, too feeble to be alone?

Would my mom have thought when she put me to her bosom that one of these days I would sit HERE with this sorrow in my chest?" And silently the kid was dying of the little pains in his breast. The big one in my own little hearts against the small one in his belly.

The other poems I like are::

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