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YOU WANT TO SUBMIT A POEM OR A CREATIVE IMAGE DEPICTING YOUR LIFE WITH AN AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE? I didn't want to die. Photography & Design. Innovation in our approach, creativity in our work. The Frankenstein Creative Piece Final Draft.

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Focusing strongly on the Portnoo settings, the narrative examines the meaning of remembrance and place. "This is a history I was motivated to make because I got a precious glimpse of Alzheimer's after my mother's dad was born with it in 2011. I was not initially affected and I was not conscious that something was incorrect; but over the course of the development of the condition, I constantly rely on my comprehension of the illness and the disastrous consequences it can have.

All I can think of is what a demented person's spirit looks like, so in this tale I describe a piece of what I think it might be like. It is a much appreciated place where my mother and her mother's whole life grew up as a second home.

Anna's tale, which went public on Monday, March 7, was stunning. And I was looking at my watch at the time: It' the ideal season for this solitary venture. Only a few others left their beds at this early moment to hug the lovely landscape, and those who did were also satisfied in their own society - they did not need my attentiveness or communications, which was always a welcome occasion as I had enough free thought about my own thoughts.

That whistling in my ear was a welcome and creative melody as I turned my mind in different ways and recorded the area. I' m analyzing the frozen waters to see if I can resist the almost paralyzing immersion in them. It is a small little house with a wood grain colour on the frame of the doors and windows, in front of which there are various flower boxes with a row of plants that my woman, Elizabeth, has placed so serenely.

Accuracy is not apparent from this detachment, but it is color patches that emphasize the blank screen of the partitions. Next I think about is the temple with its imposing tower rising above the height of the remaining rooftop, its deep, rural look against the rolled leafy squares behind it; but the once gray brickwork wall, now clad in a ply of velvety like swamp.

The connection between the hermitage and the village postal station is a series of savage vegetation that does not resemble the delicate ones on the hut windowsills, this green is freer and more inaccurate. Though I had got used to the surroundings I was still in quite quickly, a quick turn of the breeze quickly tore me out of the beautiful sedation and pushed me to take measures to get out of the waters.

While I am walking against the power of the waters that oppose me, it slowly decreases and the waters drip off me as I once again sense the fine squashed mussels under my foot that invite me between my ones. Had my missus been with me, she would have come and fetched her to expand her large home library.

Following the sharp, winding trail up to the hut, I gently rinse the sands under the stifle. I stop at my front doorstep after my quiet stroll to get ready for the insanity. I ask, as I go through the wood doors, the children's gaze shines like glowing lights.

I' m leaving the Doctor's room the other night I came in. It is not possible to stop for the sake of comfort.... unfortunately. Someday I'll be in the van with my missus in it. As I woke up, she took me out of the front row seats and told me that we were going for a stroll on the water.

I' m going to the bank to let the soft waters spill over my onions. My missus and I will leave for a while before we get to the cliff. To my far away to my lefthand I see a small little house with a small leafy gate - it seems to be beautiful. I' m asking my missus to see if I should know this place and she answers that I once knew him very well.

Your glancing glances are flickering away from mine and I see the waters glistening in her edges as it leaves a gleaming trace on her cheeks.

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