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Be the first to hear about Creative Online Publishing Inc, the experts in digital publishing! Creative Penn (Joanna Penn). She' s never taken a creative writing course before and hopes she never will.

Who we are

We are a specialist in contemporary romance and sexual history, and our aim is to turn high calibre literature into online best-sellers. With our uniquely and notably acclaimed publishing style, we have released over 400 books to date and have a fast expanding public. With the help of our editorial and commercial team and, of course, our committed readers, we strive to support authors in publishing successfully.

Kosta, co-founder of VaskoBooks, has been our senior editor since 2012. They have an unrivalled love and expertise to ensure that we release the highest performing and most compelling work for our experienced readers. VaskoBooks' other co-founder, Basil's business expertise and understanding of the markets is of inestimable value when it comes to turning our authors' work into top titles for large e-booksellers.

As part of the Vasko series since 2014, Belinda has a wealth of expertise in writing literature, processing non-fiction books and reformatting eBooks, with a knack for a well-written story. Katie has over 8 years of graphics design expertise and has designed our cover art from the very beginning and knows exactly what it needs to bring our warm and steaming e-book cover art to life.

The latest member of our staff, Gemma handles all communications with our thousand of users who enjoy their warm, professional and humorous nature. A Masters Degree in Creative Writing enables Michael to get the most out of a work of art and has provided our authors with his editorial skills from the very beginning.

At VaskoBooks, Alexi joins the 2016 VaskoBooks squad with an open mind for the coming years and is behind VaskoBooks' expanding into new categories such as crime, thriller and fantasy.


No matter if you have a released or an unreleased track, we are interested to hearing from you! As with every great work of artwork, good handwriting is not simple to definit. However, there are certain core features that a good play must have, such as well-structured phrases, convincing contents and thrilling and engaging personalities - all in your own personal signature look.

We' re looking for well-written and captivating plays of romanticism, romantic eroticism and comtemporary romantic. Because of the high number of entries and our stringent qualitiy controls, we cannot take all of them. Entries must have a capacity of over 80,000 to 90,000 words and must be in either Microsoft Word or ePub formats.

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