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On-line courses in photography, graphic design, handcraft & DIY, marketing, economics and entrepreneurship. However, there need be no financial obligation with these free online courses. Use creativity to promote innovation.

This is Jason Seiler: Traditional and digital painter

Draplin Designer Co. Aaron Draplin accepts our challenges in designing the Draplin brand. Dirk Fowler, F2 Design's creator, designs and prints one of his atmospheric musical backgrounds and explains how important it is to do something by hands every workday. Discover what it will take to enter it. Learn how FEMA's Norweg rogue designer office assisted FEMA in drawing up a post-hurricane Sandy emergency aid programme.

Come to the living and working space of Marian Bantjes, a graphics artist who shared her opinions on art and the world of art, and see her unique solo exhibition at Ontario College of Art & Art. In the home studio of Photoshop specialist and hyper-realistic numerical artist Bert Monroy. Mexico has mixed Mexico's pop art with a series of animated films to make a story or character that dazzles the eyes and hits the hearts of the world.

Watch the illustrator Stefan G. Bucher from his first artwork about Art Center College, Portland Agentur Wieden+Kennedy, Madonna's Maverick Records and his own 344 Design comp. Get behind the scenery with Hello Design, Interactive Design Studio. A glimpse of the web and the multimedia world through the eye and spirit of Ze Frank, one of the most mysterious and imaginative individuals in the field of online music.

Experience the knowledge and work of one of the best and most prestigious designer of the last 50 years, Kit Hinrichs. Trigger masters the embedding of creativity and cutting-edge technologies with websites, on-line gaming, Facebook and iPhone applications for large movies and hypermarkets. See how Renegade Animations is pioneering a one-of-a-kind paper-free 2-D animations work flow and a pile of great comics!

Though Duarte Design has made low PowerPoint and keynote presentation the most convincing type of contemporary music. Have a look at Rick's latest product, where he discloses his singular process and explains his re-invention for each work. In this issue of Create Ispirations, the viewer is taken on a historical trip through the exceptional careers of Harry Marks, a true innovator in the use of electronic music.

Join Dale Herigstad, CEO of creativity at Schematic, the leading innovator in surface engineering. Get the audience into one of the world' s hottest designer companies, Hot Studi. Brings the audience to the epicentre of TV networking branding: behind the curtain of the Troika Group. Show us how Jason Bentley uses his magical powers as he leads us behind the scene at KCRW and gives us a glimpse into his home studios in Venice, California.

Into the gym, your product range and the adrenaline-loaden lifestyles of inspirational and inspirational Margo Chase. Journey in the Big Spaceship with this private view of the inner lives of one of the most innovating companies on the Internet. An insight into the lives and home studios of one of the most sought-after graphic artists in the amusement business, Rick Morris.

Simone Legnos explores technologies and methodologies to create his favorite Tokyo figures with Illustrator.

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