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Explore courses on creativity, art, crafts and more. Favorisez votre créativité avec Play & ; Experimentation.

Fifteen most popular creative online classes are under this autumn's

Now that the sheets are changing colour, the ideal way to improve your artistic and photographic expertise with creative online courses. The best of all is that you can acquire arts, photographs and designer technique without ever getting out of the sofa. Don't take our word for it - there are literally literate learners - literally literate - who attend these courses every single lesson.

Craftsy and CreativeLive are both great places to take online classes. Are you new to online classes, here are some of the most sought-after classes for this autumn. For an even larger choice, have a look at our other creative classrooms. Browse down to see some of the most favorite creative online classes taking place this autumn!

Fundamentals of digital photography, craftsmanship: If you have a broadband digital SLR or are considering to buy one, here you will find out how to use it. An indispensable guide to Photoshop, Craftsy: Photoshop is an industrial grade - this gives you a better insight into it. Photography of art: CreativeLive, the complete guide:

Brooke Shaden, the award-winning artist, lets you turn your one-of-a-kind visions into realities from idea to inception. CreativeLive - tricky situation shoot strategies: 101 poses, CreativeLive: You' ll see how to work with different kinds of bodies to make sure your style always looks great. Colour theory for photographers, CreativeLive:

While we often think of colour theories in the visual arts, this is also useful in photograph. Composing in Photoshop from start to finish, handcrafted: Make fanciful shots by learning how to mix and overlap different pictures. Craftsy, how to draw: Beginner students are welcome in this course, which begins with the basics of drawing: composing, proportions, perspective and more.

15-minute urban skit: Craftsy: Teach yourself how to catch the hectic pace of the contemporary life by just 15 min. a days work. Watercolour paintings, handcrafted: As with drawing, you don't have to be a great artist to study watercolours - just an interest in the media! Perspectives techniques for better drawing, handcrafted:

Based on the How to Draw classes, you get a detailed insight into how you can precisely paint the prospect. Customize Scratch, CreativeLive and more: Scratch: Scratch: CreativeLive: Use Adobe Illustrator to make interface samples that you can use on cloth, letterhead, and more. Basics of typography, CreativeLive: Improve your creative skills as you learnt to "see writing with new eyes".

" Subjects are, among others, the selection of the right font and criminals in terms of designs. to do 28, CreativeLive: Get 28 creative ideas to try out for 28 workdays. CreativeLive for your weddings invitations and more: No matter if you are creating for your marriage or another person, this course shows you how to make an individual printing masterset.

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