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An online free web novel/content platform for creators and fans to present their work. It pierces our old, fiber-thin worldviews and creates space for depth and insight. Newest tweets from Creative Novels (@CreativeJFB): You know we published a novel translated by JP today? Be a patron of Creative Novels today:

New World; A New Story

Because she was the queen, she chose to be a virtueful and liberal woman, very different from the past. As the virtueful queen of the back castle, she began her new career. It took the impetus to look for beauty in the name of the Kaiser and sent it to minister to him at noon.

Anyone who satisfies the Kaiser on the kite base gets the opportunity to get their hand on the Phönix label and is seated in the Empress' chair. I wanted the Kaiser to be content with how virtue she was. Who' d have thought the Kaiser was so ingrate? At the end, the queen killed herself by accident, invading the imperial palace: "Your Majesty, do you have a disease somewhere covert?

You see how virtue she is? As he drew near, his gaze began to become dangerous: "The queen will minister this evening." Mon Qi Qi then continues to inadvertently bump the hornets' belly. Mo-Qi Qi watched the Kaiser with concern, "Your Majesty, are you all right?" With a painful phrase, the Kaiser said: "Go and get doctors for the emperor."

Breaking 10 Great Novels & Broadening Your Perspectives

It pierces our old, fiber-thin world views and creates room for deepness and understanding. Enjoying all kinds of book, I have a special, frantic passion for the kind that takes me deeply into alternative worlds, unfamiliar opportunities, new life and thoughts. It means I like storytelling, usually the fictitious way.

It pierces our old, fiber-thin world views and creates room for deepness and understanding. Well, in honour of fun it's F***ing Awesome Day (a day off I just invented), and in the hope of inspiring a few clubs like me to study more fine literature, here are 10 novels that have opened me up in some way and now they' re living in me:

Completely tormenting in his stifling confrontation with the decay of the main character, demoralisingly and tragically demoralising in his intrepid depiction of the needless sufferings of the just and non-apologetically depressive in his visions of desperation and desperation, the textbook is hardly anything for the weakest of hearts. It is the work of a painter and possibly my favourite novel of all times.

Featuring stunning story-telling, Dominican-American story telling and an insightful view of modern America in a heart-rending and horribly important work. It' s hard not to get deep into the protagonists Oscar, a sad character, obese sci-fi freak from the hood and despairing lover, while his romance ghost keeps colliding with the non-sexy world.

Just have a look at this one. At the same time, the street is a wonderful tale of endurance in the name of charity and a disturbing contemplation on the worse that man is able to do. At the end I don't think I cried in any of the books. Frankenstein, have you seen it?

Tragedy, cooling, deep and hard to put down, this novel is one of my favourite classic. The Story of B is a philosophical novel that can completely recombine the way you see the story, ourselves and our relation to the otherworld. In essence, the text claims that the human race's excess population, infinite consumerism and related enviromental crisis are due to the fact that humanity has once forgot that it is not exempted from eco-law.

and it was like a gigantic instant of clearness. It' a notebook worthy of Hemingway's account in the opening quote: Superficially it is a tale of the ascent and downfall of a mythic city, but far more than that, it is a tale of history and man's livelihood.

The unraveling of the egregious tale of Tender Branson, the last remaining member of the Creedish Death Cult. Branson dictates his tale of a kidnapped plane that will soon crashed in Australia and talks about his change from an obeying attendant to a villainous suicidal hotliner and become a religious spirit guide to internationally acclaimed celebrities. It is hilariously funny and distorted and about so many things: news coverage, celebrities and religions, to name but a few.

It' not really about Zeng or motorbikes. It is the tale of a former teacher who deals with the transcendent notion of quality and its relation to his born. It is a rather contentious work ( "most of the most famous ones are) because many folks are concerned with evaluating the rigour of Pirsig's philosophic work or transcribe the work as " populistic ".

For my part, I would recommend reading the work not as an academical work of philosphy, but as a pure personality portrayal of a man's search for comprehension and a "good" one. The novel is gripping, rousing and educational. First of all, let me say that I am in loving Kurt Vonnegut and everything he was.

It is a turbulent journey through epoch and place, following the wealthiest man on earth as he moves towards a predicted destiny. P.S. You can find most of these and others I like in The Mind Library Refine. ordan Bates is the maker of Refine The Mind, a planetary universe for free thinkers and daydreams.

It enjoys the forest, perilous notions and everything that' s artful.

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