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The creative non-fiction is a prose genre that applies the techniques of literary craftsmanship to the task of depicting reality precisely. The voice of the genre is Creative Nonfiction. You can use all the fiction writer's tools to develop factual material, whether based on your own life or not. A few experiences in the creative writing of non-fiction books (memoirs, literary journalism and/or essays) are helpful but not necessary to be successful in the course. It is best summed up by Lee Gutkind, editor of the Creative Nonfiction Magazine:

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Scholarship for creative non-fiction books

Intensive research into non-fiction with an artistic sensibility for nuances and complexities has always been important for understanding the realm. Over the past few years, many exceptional authors have made a decisive contribution to the expansion of the form: This kind of project requires a lot of effort and ressources.

There is a long and intense road to a pioneering novel, and the research is unforeseen - even a generously paid advancement from a supporting editor can run out if an author discovers an important part of the narrative she is trying to tell, something transformational that raises new issues.

Recognizing that colour authors often face further bureaucratic obstacles to secure institutions' funding for such work, we particularly encourages them to apply to these people. The scholarship is designed to help complete multi-year books that require large quantities of in-depth and concentrated thought, research and writings at a critical point towards the end of the project - after significant work has been done, but when an added injection of resource can make a significant impact on the final form and qualitiy of the work.

In 2018 the user interface is now complete. Use the following guidance for the 2018 series as a guide. Announcement of the call for proposals for the 2019 series will be in the Spring. Any creative non-fiction author who has a publishing agreement with a publishing house and can advertise on line at least two years after signing the agreement.

Authors must send the following documents by the end of the closing date for applications (May 2 for 2018): Every submitted proposal will be evaluated by two reviewers in the first round, who will assess its content and implementation.

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