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Wellcome to English Literature and Creative Writing. Vocational training and career advice, job profiles, creative people and jobs and opportunities for those looking for a creative career. Strong literary resonance goes beyond a summary. In this course you will discover the richness of the literary tradition in English while mastering a range of creative writing techniques and experiments. Literature, mathematics, chemistry, history.

Literature and Creative Authoring

The study of English literature promotes research in one of the most varied, inspiring and demanding fields. Swansea's Creative Authoring Program is at the forefront of UK writers. It has a long lyrical heritage and is proud to combine Welsh, UK and globalisation.

Bad Adenauer (Hons) English literature with creative letter

So what am I going to school for? They will also be taught the arts of literature and poetics and will acquire the necessary abilities to begin to write brief novels and observation verses. The second year will deepen your understanding of Renaissance literature and dramas, Romanticism and/or contemporary poesy and prophecy.

You' ll also begin to write poetry groups as you develop your appreciation of the arts of poetry and explore the skills of your own brief novella. Supplementary mock-ups are chosen from a variety of different possibilities that reflects the specific interests of employees and research priorities. As you broaden your skills in the third year of victorian literature, modernity and the present, you will also have the chance to explore a variety of poetical genres and focus on a longer work of your own.

You' ll be continuing your course of studying fiction by working on more complicated histories or reviewing sections of a novel. A further specialization is possible with an extra choice of English literature electives, which covers a wide spectrum of topics and includes an electives Ph. What will I do? In addition to modular and seminary instructors, you will also be supported by individual instructors and classroom instructors.

Sessions are carried by a feeling of the public - from a student's class group through online and printed publications to perform. Its English, Historical and Creative Lettering Department is located in the main office in the center of the university, near the 26 million pound Catalyst facility, which also houses the university libraries.

They are acquainted with a series of powerful analytical critiques of early and mid-20th centuries literature. It will introduce you to important and contemporary literature critiques, which scientists will continue to use in the twenty-first-century world of literature. Contents of the modul were chosen to emphasize the distinction in literature between literacy for comprehension and interpretation.

Literature presents the evolution of English literature. They will then turn to the evolution of English literature from the early samples to the 18th and early 18th centuries / Romanticism, such as Old and Middle English, Renaissance dramatics and significant poetic and fiction. Forms outline the symbolic characteristics and the evolution of poetic, prosaic and play.

There are three parts of the course that allow you to study the evolution of literature from the Renaissance to postmodernism in terms of form, influence and historical-critical interrelations. Introduces you to the world of non-metric poesy by focusing on short verses and developing perceptual, linguistic and impact skills.

Linguistic moduls offered at the Edge Hill Learning Centre can be taken as an integrated part of this course of studies. The LIT1024 literary history or LIT1025 forms can be replaced by a simple one. Researches the character of the shape of the short stories and their special requirements for the author.

Choose two of the following modules: Renaissaire literature: Self- and Society investigates the poetics and prophecy of the English Renaissance (c. 1450-1685) and brings these two general fields together under a set of shared topics. They will judge the noteworthy achievements of the reign of up to ten royalty, starting with the Tudors.

They study cannonical and non-canonical literature by both masculine and feminine writers. The Renaissance dramatics investigates the tragedy of the English Renaissance, a time of exceptional civilian and intercultural transformation. It assesses the tragic literature outputs of the rule of up to ten royalty, starting with the Tudors.

Key topics and conceptions can be sovereignty, revolt, class, nationism, religious beliefs, heretics, superstitions, witchcraft, sex and sex, and self-determination and self-determination.

Poetry, essays and novels are taught in this course. Choose two of the following moduls. You may also be able to choose one or both of these add-on components from the above for the second year. The literature thesis project offers the possibility to deepen a subject of your selection and to create your own idea by means of personal research, up to the creation of a 5,000 word long treatise or mini-dissertation".

It can be a specific, pre-defined interest or a wish to explore a question or theme in more detail. Literary and globalization recognize that a truly international outlook is a necessary condition for the studies of literature, since the world' s powers now affect the locality and the mundane.

The aim of this course is to explore the relation between modern literature productions and the powers of globalization. It investigates both scholarly and scholarly answers to product cultures and questions depictions of immigrants, exile, cosmopolitanists, and diasporics in a number of English-language literature. This year' s edition of English Children's Literature from the eighteenth centuries will explore the early days of English children's literature in the world.

It takes you through the romance of infancy and the ambiguousness of Victoria, through the Angel versus the Wild Infant, to the Golden Age of the Edvardian Age and beyond, to a territories obscured by battle, clouded by the imperial implication and the arrival of adulthood. Featured writer 1 concentrates on a lone writer (such as Hardy or Dickens) or a related group of writers (such as the Brontës) whose works are large enough to last an entire year.

In this book, he examines the lyrical representation of the miraculous (of spirits, spirits and spirits) in seminal works of English literature from the nineteenth to the present day. Concentrating on three core categories - feature film/novel, novel and play - the course draws comparison and contrast between their revelations of the superpecan.

Discussions about the lyrical depiction of anxiety and the dramatical creation of terrorism and anxiety are the focus of the course series. Modern US literature allows you to read a number of important postwar US literature. It allows you to explore a wide array of ways in which America is conceived and construed in the fictional world.

It aims to examine US notion in its historic, societal, cultural, politic, discerning and theoretic context. In the first year you have completed a language course, you may want to complete another language course in the second year. Choose two of the following modules: Victorians at work recognize that the Victorians saw literature as a kind of societal comment.

Modernity is developing your comprehension and esteem for the most important characteristics of early 20 th centurys movement in literature. English contemporary literature will develop your comprehension and your esteem for the most important characteristics of movement in literature in the latter part of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. It explores aesthetical regimes of relevance to the epoch, among them realisticism, postmodernism, later modernity and metaphorics.

From the following module you can choose 40 points in all. This may be of particular interest to you or may arise from a wish to examine a specific theme in English literature.

Together they research, organize and launch an in-house literature fest and reflect and evaluate your skills. It deals with the corresponding literature reviews and reconstructions of the former Colonies. By identifying the intersection of the imperialist and text representational points, the course will address problems with conventional theory in relation to historical identities and the development of English literature.

Presentations of Europe, America, Africa and the Far East are studied to what extent they are reflecting modern policy and presenting the character of the Other as a means of self-design or criticism. It allows you to examine doctoral dissertations of neovictorian literature and cultural studies in the current theoretical problem.

The Young-AdultFiction analysis of the latest commercial phenomena in young adults literature focuses on the literature of the twenty-first-century that is geared towards a specific teenager population. It will focus on these specific, illegal areas of interest. In addition to gender, narcotics and rock'n' roll content, the course will cover psychological and psychological disease, gestation, violence, abuses, economical and societal breakdown and ecocatalyst.

Her research is based on theoretic and discerning materials on youth, modern literature and the increasing work on the literature of young adults themselves. Sexualität und Subversion is dedicated to the discerning analyses of lyrical depictions of Sexualität and in particular of same-sex desires and dissidences in the English world. It concentrates mainly on the novel, but also on important autobiographic essays from the nineteenth to the present (with a special emphasis on the twentieth century).

Texts, their context and pertinent literature and culture theory are combined to show the changes and continuity in the written representations of submissive and dissidant sexuality and identity over the years. It deals with the literature of the canons, but also challenges the process and validation of the canons. They analyze the origin of a monumental monument and untangle the lasting myth of the universal and nature of his name.

It will also focus on Shakespeare's gender issues, with particular emphasis on the pieces that hybridize, destabilize or undermine conventional styles in order to investigate a continuous chain of discerning chang. Choose two of the following modules: It explores the specific capabilities needed for visual composition for the display and TV media.

It culminates in the creation of sketches, plotting of movie concepts, treatment and the creation of your own, customary film/television scripts (between 30 and 45 min. with corresponding supplementary docum. such as breakdown of scenes and episodes). After you have completed language studies in classes 1 and 2, you may want to take another language course in class 3.

The elective course is an elective part of the study plan. As a result, the availablility of certain optionals cannot be warranted. You can also influence the option of selecting your own schedule to meet your needs. UCAS Tariff Points: 120, preferable A-level English or equal. And if your English language proficiency is half a volume lower, either in total or in one or two parts, then our Pre-Sessional English Course is for you.

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