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A woman writes in the Journal in a creative environment. This page contains prompts for writing journals related to your memories. Click here for journal prompts that focus on your opinions, goals and daydreams. You can use this large list of winter and January writing aids to help your elementary school students write some fun topics for January. Seven journal ideas that will inform and inspire your creative writing.

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Oh, the many pleasures of creative journalism! My favourite areas of interest are journalistic advice, prompting and starter, creative journalling and journalistic skills. It is one of my favourite pastimes to work in a journal, but finding new, thrilling and innovative ways to lead a journal is an even more entertaining job, if you ask me.

I am always surprised how many funny, thrilling, simple and inexpensive ways there are to beautify your magazines. You will find below a selection of creative suggestions that will make your journal an engaging, creative and original self-presentation work. Type a text about the journal page that best described your tag.

You can either type or reprint the texts of your favourite songs and add them to your diary. Make a poetry. Breaking all these spelling and grammatical conventions and the journal in your own way! Printout a copy of an IM you had with your boyfriend or parents and insert it into your journal.

Use colourful marks, coloured pens or even coloured pens to enter your diary! Trim your favourite images from journals and insert them into your journal. Add handicrafts to your diary (ask your mother, aunt or teacher about things you can use). Lighten your diary with color. Stick labels in your diary.

Add quotes from your favourite or someone you adore. Capture important historical moments. Capture important messages of the moment. Ask a member of your familiy and keep a diary of the conversation. Ask a colleague and note the interviewer in your diary. Make three notes for which you are grateful.

Make three notes that really bother you. Create a new, fun proverb and note in your diary how and when you used it. In order to help you with your creative magazine, I provide the following link. Also remember that our website is full of great and astonishing jumping resource and typing instructions.

Let your diary adventure be full of happiness, enjoyment and ingenuity. Till next contemplating these creative children's stories, please post them on Facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest.

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