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Writing courses in creative fiction

The eight-part online creative writing course introduces you to the basic elements of creative writing, from prose fiction to poetry. The electives can be chosen from all courses of the authors' programme. Create a novel in a month as part of National Novel Writing Month. Stay informed about the latest news and offers in the field of creative writing. Courses for creative writing, programs for creative writing.

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Compose a novel or make significant advances in a brief fiction compilation in this extensive series. The programme is ideal for..... Necessary course work is made up of special lessons that are concluded at the beginning, middle and high school. The elective subjects can be chosen from all courses of the authors' programme. Completes 6 Fiction Level I sessions. 9 Fiction Level II sessions.

3 Fiction Level III sessions to pass. The student must take 6 extra lessons, and can choose from more than 60 courses in fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, dramaturgy or writing for the youth market. Contacting a Writers' Programme Consultant for nominations. The application and bidding fees set your bid for a timeframe that covers your usual progression to the end of the programme and can give you the opportunity to gain a wide range of programme advantages.

Visit our website or contact a programme officer for more information on candidature and programme advantages. Under the US Department of Education, college and university are required to provide certain information for any eligibility programme that "prepares a student for work in a recognised profession". The information will include the cost of the programme, the professions for which the programme is preparing the student, the professional profile, the graduation ratio and, for the last year, the number of graduates who have graduated, the number of graduates within the estimate period, the mediation ratio and media title IV and the debts of those who graduate from the programme.

To learn more about working for this programme, please see our financial support page. Writers' Programme Certificate only: Exclusive advantages for students:

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A fictional, intense writing programme offering a mix of small workshop, group work and presentation by practising authors that will encourage the student to see writing as a creative activity and explore new ways and means of writing. Writing professionals will develop, refine their creative abilities and intensify their enthusiasm for writing.

In this four weeks course the participant gets to know many creative fiction writing techniques. The course is perfect for those who have a serious interest in creative writing and contemporary writing, who are not worried about experimenting with the texture and who want to learn a day-to-day writing work. As part of the group work, the student has the possibility to study both fiction and poesy, regardless of whether they are registered in a fiction or poem work-shop.

Pupils are writing in large groups, in small groups, in small groups and for schoolwork. This writing tasks offer useful abilities, as well as several possibilities to investigate the handicraft of writing fiction. Writing tasks are reviewed in a classroom where pupils get supporting input from their group leaders and peers.

Furthermore, the student discusses and analyses the selection of fiction and explores the technologies used by the author. Participants meet with each other on an individual basis to review their definitive projects including writing an expanded dissertation (at least ten pages). After this course, the student will be given a writing assessment of their achievements on the basis of the level and scope of their writing, the level of attendance at workshops and the attitudes they communicate to their peers, the program department and the writing arts themselves.

Sophomore writers are allowed to participate, but must hand in a one-page paper explaining why this writing seminar is of interest.

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