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Words "creative" and "non?ction" describe the form. As the name suggests, it is a true story told by creative means. In fact, Creative Nonfiction is sometimes seen as a different way of writing fiction because writing changes the way we know a subject. In this article, creative non-fiction books and their subgenres are explained.

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Composing articles (also known as literature articles or storytelling articles) is a type of literature that uses literature and technique to produce factual, precise stories. Creativity in non-fiction is in contrast to other non-fiction, such as scholarly or engineering literature or journalists, who are also deeply involved in precise facts but have not worked on the basis of literacy or floral clich├ęs.

Creativity can be organized like tradition, as is the case with Fenton Johnson's tale of lost and loved ones, Geography of the Heart[7] and Virginia Holman's rescue of Patty Hearst. 8 ] When book-length works of creative non-fiction followed a historical bow, they are sometimes referred to as storytelling non-fiction. In Natalia Ginzburg's bitter-sweet joke from "He and I", John McPhee's mesmerizing Atlantic City and In Search of Marvin Gardens tours, and Ander Monson's playfully experimented in Neck-Deep and Other Predicaments, creative non-fiction is often beyond the limits of storytelling.

New avenues in text design - involving on-line technology - have been opened up for creative authors of non-fiction books because the art of text design is leading to great experiments. Numerous new magazines have been created - both in the printed and on-line areas - that offer creative non-fiction books in a prominent position. There have been several well-published events in recent years of memoirists who have overstated or invented certain facts in their work.

Riverhead Books cancelled the release of Seltzer's Love and Consequences when it became known that Seltzer's tale of her supposed experience as a half-white, half-Indian nurse and Bloods King member in South Central Los Angeles was fictional. Though there have been cases where the histories of conventional and literature have been falsified, the ethic for creative non-fiction is the same as for the journalist.

We want the truths to be maintained, only in literature. Essay writer John D'Agata examines the topic in his 2012 volume The Lifespan of a Fact. Both he and fact chef Jim Fingal discuss intensively the limits of the creative non-fiction work. Very little literature critique of creative non-fiction has been released, although the style is often featured in such prestigious books as The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Harper's and Esquire.

Some of the most famous authors of the art scene such as Robert Caro, Gay Talese, Joseph Mitchell, Tom Wolfe, John McPhee, Joan Didion, John Perkins, Ryszard Kapu?ci?ski, Helen Garner and Norman Mailer have experienced some criticisms of their more famous works. "These analysis of some core plays are hardly as profound or as extensive as the critique and analysis of their fictitious contemporaries[quote required].

Many non-fiction writers and a fistful of literature reviewers are demanding a more comprehensive literature review of the book as the book's appeal spread. Best Creative Article, Volume 1. It is the real art: modern non-fictionists. Creative non-fiction, edition. This is the artwork of creative non-fiction:

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