Creative Autobiography Examples

Autobiography Examples

In order to write creatively, you have to immerse yourself in creative writing. Creative ideas can be found in other autobiography books. In Real Life by Joey Graceffa and Binge by Tyler Oakley. An example of an autobiography from some successful life stories. The autobiographies not only tell the life story of the author.

Autobiography examples and free examples

I loved my work there, painting and writing. Since then I have taken part in many city and national painting competitions among kids and even won the first price for the best scenery at the Prennings Contest in June 1994. I studied the concept of the minimalist in the visual art at Lesley University; the subject of my diploma dissertation was "Minimalist depiction of faces":

I explored ways to evoke emotion through an extreme minimalist way of drawing by accepting compositions, scenes and colours. Although all the textbooks I was reading were interesting, they were missing something significant, and when I eventually realized what it was, it defined my future profession and my future as well.

I thought on a vernal date in 2005 that today's publishers often focused on pure text in text that should be enjoyed by an adults' readership, and that they seldom include illustration in such text. So in 2005 I started to design my own artwork, which followed my drafts.

I' ve also sent these artwork to several publishers in the hope of being employed by one of them as a full-time artist. My commitment in 2007 at last proved its worth and I was approached by an HR executive from High Beacon Publishers who asked me to give him an introductory talk.

So I found a fixed employment as an illustrated artist, combined with what I like to do best: draw and paint. I have also published my work in catalogues, and I have even been able to get one of my pictures sold for $1,500, which is the most significant amount I have ever raised from it.

I am currently working on a volume about the expressiveness of the minimalist, although my way of drawing has slightly altered. I' m still working with "High Beacon Publishing", but I also work with other publishers.

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