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The myth of creation (or cosmogonic myth) is a symbolic story of how the world began and how people first inhabited it. Stories of creation from all over the world. The encapsulation of some traditional stories that explain the origin of the earth, its life and its peoples. Today these stories are known as "creation myths". This story has been edited with permission of Ulli Beier (editor), The Origin of Life and Death:

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The definition of creation legend from contemporary references: Mircea Eliade, a religious teacher, coined the term legend in relation to creation: The historian David Christian has summarized the similarities of several creation myths: Exihilo creation, in which creation takes place through the thought, the words, the dreams or the body secrets of a being. Diving exhaustion in which a scuba divers, usually a sent by a maker of birds or an amphibia, falls through a primeval sea to the bottom of the sea to apply sandy or muds that develop into an earthly state.

Ancestors go through a range of different realms and metamorphosis until they reach the present one. Created by fragmentation of a primeval being. The creation by division or order of a primal unit such as the breaking of a cosmetic ovum or an order out of mayhem.

Creator Divinity that creates vitality through tone or words. Today, the notion that God built the empire from nothing - ex jihilo - is pivotal to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and the mediaeval Jews, as the only concepts that the three faiths were united. At the beginning of the 2. cent. A.D. the early Christians began to recognize a suspense between the ideas of the creation of the universe and the almightiness of God, and at the beginning of the 3. cent.

Exiled creation can be found in creation stories from old Egypt, the Rig Veda and many animist civilizations in Africa, Asia, Oceania and North America. 31 ] The dispute between lamb and corn is an example of an even older version of the ex-Nihilo creation legend from the old Sumer. In most of these stories the universe is created through a Creator's talk, dreams, breath oder thoughts, but creation ex naturo can also be created through a Creator's body-secrets.

At first, there is only one informal, amorphous vastness in the creation from the mayhem. These stories use the term "chaos" to mean "disorder," and this informal vastness, sometimes also referred to as emptiness or chasm, contains the materials from which the constructed realm is made. Those legends connect mess with bad and forgetting, in opposition to the "order" (cosmos), which is good.

In many of these civilizations it is thought that at some point the powers that maintain order and shape will become weaker and the earth will sink back into the bottomless pit. 34 ] One example is the creation legend Genesis from the first section of the book Genesis.

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