Creating a novel Outline

To create a new outline

It's basically planning your novel before you write. As soon as you start writing, your design MUST be updated. And then someone didn't show you how Weiland did it in her book. You' re reading my sketch and it's like a book; you really get the story, even if it's condensed.

This also applies to setting up index cards to sketch your story.

Compose a new sketch of Scratch!

It doesn't really write a novel, with hints and proposals on how to portray your character or make your story come alive.... but that's not what it is. It' not the only textbook you will ever need, but it will help you do it.

Structure Chapters Two - Type Chapters Two of your novel

Would you like to compose a novel, a script, a videogame? This course develops your own unique IPR into a transmedial development process with writing of your IPR on different platform. Begin your novel, fit the first chapter of your novel into the opening scene of a movie or TV show and prepare a gaming conception of your own inbox.

It is a course focused on "Active Learning", so most of the real teaching is done within your own activity - i. e. typing! I' m an advocate of empirical education (also known as interactive learning). The presentations are concise and concise and are structured in a step-by-step procedure that is indispensable for your project.

I' ll lead you, I' ll show you how to get there, hopefully I' ll be inspiring you, but I' ll not show you how to spell or what to do. That' s up to you, you are the only one who can exemplify your own creativity by typing it! The only way to become a novelist is to be able to do it.

You' ve got to get creative and my idea is to help you do just that! The tasks in this course are all based on the principle of stakeholder reviews. In every phase of the creative lifecycle, whether you create your novel, script or videogame, you will publish your work in writing and check the work of your colleagues.

Part of this course is a very important part of it. Providing and receiving feedbacks is vital to the evolution of your discerning mindset and your career as a novelist. The course is developed to exhaust your creative potential and help you build your ability to express this creative power through words.

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