Create your own Story Generator

Build your own story generator

Enjoy, mix and match, and hopefully you'll like the story you've created. It is a world close to ours, but not quite. The site will then generate a story based on your input. The generator is *definitely* not safe to operate. It is not the purpose of an exercise to create a complete story.

short-story generator

The use of an automated story generator to create your own story is one of the best ways to teach you how to create it. They select the character, the place and the kind of ending, and the story is for you. Whilst the story created will not go through as subtle writing, it can be used as a lecture on how to organize myth so that it captivates the reader's interest and drives the story forward.

Good thing is that it only needs a few moments to fill in the boxes and create a story. You can see how to turn a boring story into an interesting one by modifying the items. See how this works by watching the brief movie below. You can find a number of interesting and free story creators as shown in the above film at

You can use these builders to teach you the story structures. QYI: The addition of this type of generator to your site can draw many people. I have a Automatic Movie Plot Generator on my site that attracts a large number of new users every single workday.

The most of them are generated with a mixture of HTML and Java script - and are not too hard to create.


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Bonsai Story Tree Generator will take contiguous text and turn it into..... well, I'm not sure what. Stories generates and prompts: imagination, genrelessness, tarot, starter and citations.

Build your own myth or legend

There are over 250 images in the photo galery. The" How are you?" section provides tips from professional artists, e.g. performers, audio technicians and writers on subjects such as: read to, select..... Several of the old sagas and tales on this site may contain words you don't know.

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