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Build your own story games

Comedy, romance, drama, MY STORY has it all! Making Your Own Story is a board game designed to improve understanding of adjectives, nouns and verbs. Game for kids. Computer and video games are another. Build your own spot story!

The story of mine

Select your own way! Join MY STORY, a fun quest based on your own adventures! However, be cautious what you pick; one option can alter the course of the overall story, so pick smart! Whichever one you pick will decide how well you get along with your buddies, how much you like and who you fell in Love with!

Personalise your personality, select your clothing and hair style. What is your favourite one? Romantic, Komedy, Drama, MY STORY has it all!

Select your own adventure with these interactive fiction games

Interactivity could be more than a story and could be described as a play, although there are certainly game-like aspects to the story. Just like Select Your Own adventure or Textenture Infocom games (for the veteran grizzle gamers out there), engaging interactivity mixes a gripping story with mini-games and riddles for a relaxed and enjoyable time.

Recently, these three fictional games were published by some of the most notable independent gaming companies. It may be short enough for the games you're used to, but that makes it the ideal way to spend an hours leisure pursuit on a wet day or if you want to charge your phone or notebook before your trip home.

A Case of Mistrust is the right match for you if you always wanted to be a investigator in a hard-boiled homicide. Firenze is a story that is both heart-warming and heart-rending. This story contains excerpts from a real life relation that attract and keep you there with small interaction and mini-games.

Tree-Legacy has the most text of games in this listing, and is also the most confusing and smartphone-turning. Various twists in the story will make you spin your machine to continue to read - and sometimes solve riddles - before the story continues. Fireball Island, the 80s classical adventure is back.

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