Create your own Story for Kids

Make your own story for children

Create your own story for children. The illustrator Polly Szimpatikus shares her top tips to encourage your children to get creative and write their own children's book. Build your own story with these choose your own adventure books for children. The biggest challenge for the children, of course, is to develop their own stories from nothing. The new Lipa Theatre for these creative young minds:

Build your own storyline with these select your own adventure textbooks for children

Don't let anyone tell you how your history will turn out, make decisions and see where they will lead you. Choosing your own adventurous novels are not only for grown-ups, but are a funny way for children to really interfere with what they read. Customize your iPad experience with A Defender's Tale, where you pick your own path, gather objects, gamble and seek to rescue the world.

  • Customize your pets, guns, wardrobe and..... Now you can enjoy exciting, free reading of exciting, hands-on storytelling on your mobile phone. Unravel riddles, help character make important choices, and choose how tales end. Fibre tales lie somewhere between old-fashioned textbooks and videos. They are supplied individually and are brought to live with pictures, animation and soundtrack.

Game for iPad is designed for kids up to 8 years. The pedagogical application for kids is an animated storyline about a nosy girl with remembering difficulties. This is an multi-extension interactivity guide. "This is a new way of approaching innovative interactivity that changes readers' choices and triggers new life and an end.

"One of the best tales for youngsters, The Monsters and the Cat" narrates the tale of..... Assemble, boys, it's time for the big one! What's the whole thing about? Morph A Storyline is a children's novel that gives your kid a chance to decide how the tale continues. Each page offers your kid two ways to finish the phrase, and the choices he or she makes take the narrative in a new sense.

It can be any old thing every now and then when you are reading the tale..... Search my Black Dog Series for more in the Violet Series! Digital Storytime: "Brilliant interactivity!" The iPad fan: "Amazing!" Join Beka the bulldog on an adventurous journey in this funny full-featured game. Browse through different possibilities and select your own itinerary!

Breathtaking artwork and easy-to-read text will make every little kid falling in love with Beka!

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