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Build your own story book online

"'Everyone has a book in them, because their lives contain many stories. Make your own book online. You can create photo books, storybooks, comics, book covers and create a family tree with our design tool or App Creator. Select a template to create your book: The LoveBook is the most unique personalized gift idea you can ever give to someone you love.


Yours words. Do something astonishing today. You can create and publicize a professional story or verse in a few moments. Pick an artist or browse for a list of pictures using key words. Pictorials ( "more artwork, less text"), long form (chapters, less art) or poetic (one painting, selected words). Draw pictures onto your storybook as you type.

You can use the Insert pushbutton to display long-form sections. Fresh wordsets and artwork to create poetic visuals. Sharing on your community network, by e-mail, or elsewhere. You can order beautiful print souvenirs and presents of your choice.

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You can create your own nice book with our one-of-a-kind online book editor. Just type your text into the Book Editor or load a script from a Word file. Then you can select your book size, create your inner pages and create a book jacket. Or you can even load up a complete book - and you' re done selling and printing.

"because her life contains many histories. Throughout the whole trial, I have been very kind to my work and I can't expect my book to be available to everyone." "The Kind & Tell makes independently authoring simple. Your online book editor makes it very simple to turn your Word document into a book you publish and the edit is a fantasy!

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Create your own book online for free! Select any launching options, but you can always modify the theme. Create a book with a mixture of PDF/Word/PPT plus photographs, text and images. To launch your book, please load an available book attachment. Free-of-charge styling utilities, clip art, wallpapers, borders and artwork to help you create your own designs from the ground up.

Select from our free book/page artwork library for your book. Please click on the preview image to get started! Wide selection of free book/page artwork for your needs. Please click here to begin the template:

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