Create your own Story Book for Kids

Make your own story book for children

Elderly children will love how easy it is to create their own stories, learn more about "Write your own story book", write a review or buy online. Children can put themselves in the picture or create their own stories. You can choose from a wide selection of books for children and adults of all ages. Make a personalized book and add its name to the story. The books don't get much more personal than this.

Make your own story: Empty book for kids / Stories, fairy tales, comics, adventure / 100 pages / Basketball Orange by Uncle Amon, paperback

You can now create, sketch and create your own story in the fantastic, empty story book for children! Bring your favourite figures to live. Every page has 5 large rows to illustrate and colour your story. You' re the maker of your own adventure, fairytale and fable.

This practical book allows you to put all your best thoughts into practice on pen. It is the ideal present for kids who enjoy scribbling and scribbling. Lettering allows kids to safely research their own thoughts, concepts and themes without worrying about what others think.

It' great to express thoughts and emotions about everything on your heart. It' also ideal for increasing your creativeness! Lettering and illustration can help young authors gain trust. It' great to create your own tales and animated comics. Doodle and draw, create your own Diary of a Wimpy Kid book and share it with your boyfriends and mates.

Featuring many pages and a single index, you can create a number of tales in this fantastic empty story book! "Scroll up and click on "Buy" to create your own story today! She was to affect the whole wide planet with children's literature and make a difference. Uncle Amon delivers enlightening tales that will put a big laugh in your face!

Unparalleled in his own way, his creative approach stands out from other writers of children's books because he often uses his experience of living to tell a story of fantasy and adventurous.

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