Create your own Short Story

Make your own short story

Writing in Practice: Write your own short story during class (at. You' ll receive a confirmation of your entry by e-mail. ficcions must be your own, previously unpublished original work. Create your own portfolio of short stories. Keep in mind that you make your own luck by being persistent!

Create a world of miniatures: Write stories with Ross Raisin

Which are the core components of a great storyline? What makes a tale gripping and rewarding for man? The master course with award-winning writer Ross Raisin will unveil the mysteries of creating outstanding shorts in one single afternoon. If you are new to typing or want to develop your abilities, in this course you will learn how to build convincing character, dialog and plot lines.

At the end of the afternoon you have finished two shorts - a history and a fictional movie - and you have the ability and self-confidence to write after school. In 2013, Ross Raisin was one of Granta's Best of Young Britishness Novelists.

Among others, he has authored for Esquire, BBC Radio Three and Granta and contributes to essays such as Best British Shortshorts. He is a teacher of Arts and Crafts at Goldsmiths University and as part of the UEA-Guardian Masterclasses program.

Writing short stories with Noelle Harrison - Day 1

Create your own storyline based on a work of artwork at the KODE 4 in Bergen. Focusing on the creation of stories with images in KODE 4 in Bergen as a wellspring. It' going to be a pleasure, and imaginative two full-week course for anyone who wants to learn to type, beginner or advanced.

At the beginning of the week-end, each student chooses a picture from KODE 4 as the basis for their work. Led by the writer Noelle Harrison, the students are taught the fundamental skills of structuring their stories, finding their voices and writing with body and soul.

Not only to create personalities, but to use color, compositions, style and settings as a resource for their own history. By the end of the course, each student is expected to have written or on their way to create their own original work. Even though the workshops are in English, students can decide whether to contribute their own English or Norwegian language work.

DATE 1The course begins at Litteraturhuset in Bergen, where Noelle introduces the course and explains how you can use the arts as a resource of inspirational ideas for your film. We' re going to KODE 4 as a group, where Noelle presents a guide for choosing the piece of work you will use for your own work.

At the end of a midday snack we will return to Litteraturhuset, where Noelle will moderate the first part of her workshops entitled Find Your Voice, which focuses on the storyteller's vocal and defines the central nature, settings or objects of each film. TAG 2The whole tag is spend in the Litteraturhuset.

Noelle will be leading the second part of Find Your Voice in the mornings, which will deal with the structuring of your brief history and the use of literature. At the end of a cup of tea Noelle will moderate the workshops entitled Working with Sound/Rhythm and Description in Part One.

She completes the second part of the book after dinner by concentrating on the use of symbols/images/metaphors to add substance to your narrative. Noelle will be at your disposal during the whole week-end to give you personal feedbacks and to accompany you in the production of your film. Your final objective is to have your own brief by the end of the week.

Irene Harrison (*1967) is the irisian writer of ten books and has been translating into over 12 different tongues. It has won the Meath Chronicle Shorts Story Award and was nominated for the Molly Keane Shorts story award and the Hennessey New Ireland Writing Shortshts award. She has been featured in the Thames & Hudson Collection of Anthologies and in the 2015 National Gallery of Ireland's show entitled Return from Market.

She has a wealth of coaching expertise in Ireland, Scotland, Norway and London and is co-founder of Aurora Writers Retreats. She led the much-loved one-day How To Watch A Book in Bergen's Litteraturhuset in June 2016. Amalie Skram also teaches composition at Amalie Skram Videregående and the International School of Bergen.

He has also a Master of Fine and Fine Fine arts from the University of London, taught 9 years of Irish fine and fine Irish fine and fine Irish fine and fine Irish fine and fine Irish fine and fine Irish fine and fine Irish fine music. He has also taught and directed the Toradh Gallery of the Meath County Council. After several years in Bergen, Noelle now resides and works in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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