Create your own Personalized Book

Make your own personalized book

Long-lasting and flexible, our softcover books are professionally bound. It' perfect for presenting your best photos with one of our themes or your own layout. You child can be the star in his own PERSONAL BOOK! TURN YOUR REAL PET INTO A FAIRY TALE BOOK STAR! The My Very Own Name is created specifically for each child with first name, last name and date of birth.

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They are best-sellers, prize laureates and classic authors popular with families and kids. Every personalized book allows you to insert your child's name, a photograph and a dedicated page, making a storyline for your kid truly personal. The New York Times bestselling Dream Big, Little Pig! by Olympics winner Kristi Yamaguchi and The Night Night Book and If I Could Keep You Little..... by award-winning writer and graphic artist Marianne Richmond.

Further ledgers are added every months. It only takes a few easy footsteps to create a personalized book that includes your child's name in the pages of a best-selling book. They will be thrilled to see their name in printing and you will establish a more profound and expressive alliance.

They can also select "Read to Me" or "Read by Myself", which encourages early literacy and allows independents to discover each book at their own speed. Yamaguchi's-app buy extra books like Kristi Yamaguchi's New York Times bestseller Dream Big, Little Pig! as well as an extra new book every three months.

The cover is designed to allow you to personalize it deeply with your child's name throughout the entire storyline and an individual page with a photograph. kid's Use your iPod camcorder or photogallery to adjust the front page with your child's image. Savings animations and thrilling sounds will inspire you and your kid.

"ªRead by myself.º allows freelance writers to literate at their own speed. The ? book is included in Twitter and Facebook so you can tell your stories to your loved ones.

Make your own personalized book!

You can have your kid be the celebrity in his own PERSONAL BOOK! Submit me 10 facts about your kid, and I will tell an inventive tale with the information that is sure to please, amuse, raise, and put a smiling face on your kid! It' the ideal way to give a present or to give your kid a great one!

Samples of facts from previously authored personalized books: Name of the baby, colour of his/her head, etc. The illustration can be created by your kid! Pricing depends on the length of the history and the shipment.

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